An Unreal Birthday Celebration!

The question is what do you get when you combine your (blog’s) first birthday with some Ketchup??

{ Image of party via Brancoprata and Ketchup via Pinterest }

Perplexed aren’t you??? I would be too- a first birthday and some ketchup might mean a french fry party or make-your-own-ketchup party  but that is WAY too random. What it means is that The Unreal Bride just turned ONE and is collaborating with a fabulous company called ….any guesses?! Yes, called KETCHUP! and we are having a giveaway to celebrate!!!!

You want to know more? Come back tomorrow for all the details! Wheee! We can’t wait!

See you all tomorrow xx


6 Comments to “An Unreal Birthday Celebration!”

  1. Yipeeeeeeee…..Happy birthday….! how tie flies…! seems like yesterday wen u girls started off…!Many more Happy Birthdays to u guys ahead in the future..Way to go Kismet and April ( and other ppl involved in the blog…:-)…! love, hugs, kisses, cuddles..!


  2. woop woop happy birthday what a year it has been for you ladies 😀 xx

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