Happy Independence Day, India !

Today is the day we walk around with our chests puffed up and feeling oh! so proud that we are an independent country ,progressing slowly and steadily to the day when we will overtake everyone else! Just you wait, Mr Higgins, just you wait!  (I like quoting My Fair Lady so don’t judge alright!)

I started my search on Pinterest as usual, for a nice image to use for a post and then I realised I have the PERFECT image for Independence Day. It is everything India is- colourful, beautiful, and happy! Oh! and not to mention, the colours are perfect- saffron, white and green which are the colours of our flag!

Taken in the Jodhpur district, in Rajasthan by moi! You like?

You are mistaken if you thought I would neglect Pinterest.It found me the MOST amazing map of India. You can understand India’s diversity through many things- languages, climate, flora, fauna and all that but most importantly, you can understand how diverse it is through our FOOD! This map is perfect and am even more stoked it mentions Chandigarh for butter chicken and tandoori chicken! YEAH!! Just another reason why India is beyond fabulous.

Via (Click on the image to see it full size!)

Happy Birthday, India! Fools are the ones who don’t understand how cool you are! We love ya!


7 Comments to “Happy Independence Day, India !”

  1. Perfect picture !!

    p.s. I used that image of the India food map a few months ago in a ppt presentation lol

  2. Wonderful!! I love learning about other traditions 🙂

  3. Happy Independence day! That is one beautiful photo…and I think all maps should include food!!

  4. Love the pic you’ve taken of Jodhpur! Captures the essence 🙂
    and Oh Gosh! The India map is sooo cool! Never before have I seen something so good. This is going viral! 🙂

    Happy Independence Day!

    Look who’s Wearing (LwW)

  5. Stunning image! Hope to come & visit India one day (soon!)

  6. Absolutely stunning! Happy Independence Day!

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