Thursday Thoughts: Invitations for a Goan wedding !

I have very rarely come across really bright and bold invitation suites in India. I’ve noticed we stick to a lot of whites and creams with gold and silver. I am sure there are people who have used brighter colours, I am just saying I haven’t come across many so it was a real treat to get this submission from 3 Bees Paperie. I believe this is our very first submission so it is kind of exciting and I have realised it’s about time we put a place where people can send in submissions! Got a few other plans and changes in store for the Unreal Bride – have to say it can be too much to handle some times (in a good way!).


From 3 Bees Paperie-

Bride Priyanka and groom Harikrishna wanted a modern invitation suite for their beach destination wedding in Goa, India. The finished stationery depicted lotus leaves and hanging lanterns in royal blue, yellow and blush pink. The two events inserts were printed double sided and sits in a folder, graced with Ganesha on the flap.  Printed on textured felt paper, this pretty invitation suite  was printed using digital offset technology. 

The photos of the card were shot by photographer Mariliana Arvelo

3 Bees Paperie is a wedding and social event stationery company that provides high quality and eco-friendly paper with contemporary, South Asian inspired designs. The company aims to provide unique inspirations for life’s celebrations through its three collections: Couture Weddings, ready-to-order wedding stationery; Baby Bees, ready-to-order baby announcements; and Made for You, for custom stationery. For more information, visit

So what do you say? Since Indian weddings are all about bright colours, do you think you would want your invitations to match or would you go in for something more subtle?

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8 Comments to “Thursday Thoughts: Invitations for a Goan wedding !”

  1. I LOVE color and more stationers are using bold designs. This was lovely!

  2. those are so pretty! love the bold color and patterns!!

  3. Invites to match or would I go in for something more subtle… I would like everything to match as best as possible. 🙂

  4. I agree that we tend to generally stick with the safer color choices. This is one of the few Wedding Invitation Suites I like!!! Very nicely done indeed!

  5. Given the festivities the weddings are all about, i would go for the bright ones..lovely design !!

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