DIY Monday I sent a letter….

I never ever throw away old cards and letters-some may call it hoarding, I just call it a hobby of sorts! I have boxes and boxes of old letters and cards stored away in my cupboard and have always wondered if there is a more efficient way to store them. Trust Pinterest to come to my rescue with not one solution, but seven! My favourite idea is to bind them together -it’s so easy to flip through them. Read all the other things you can do with old cards and letters here on Simple Mom.

Via Pinterest Via Simple Mom

You don’t receive handwritten notes/cards/letters very often anymore but I’m sure the one time you will get a whole bunch will be at your wedding! Smart to plan out what you could do with them before hand so they don’t get lost in some obscure corner of your closet!

Happy creating and have a wonderful week!


9 Comments to “ DIY Monday I sent a letter….”

  1. what an awesome idea! I’m totally going to dig out all the cards I keep (yes I’m a card hoarder too) and tie them up like this. thanks for sharing!

  2. You’re not alone! I keep many of mine too and this is a great idea!!

  3. such a sweet idea. loving this.

    xoxo, chrissy
    The Perfect Palette

  4. I have got to pull out my old cards/letters and do this! thanks for sharing!

  5. this is so sweet. what a great idea

  6. well that’s a great idea… it’s simple, but very useful; just great for showing off your favorite letters to friends and family members.

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