Thursday Purseday: One for you and one for me….

Most of my bags have no inner pockets- I don’t know why that is- but it gets really inconvenient. Because of that, I end up carrying all my stuff in all sorts of pouches- one pouch for change, one for my meds, one for all the rest of the stuff floating around in my bag. Essentially, a bag full of pouches. You can see why I love these little beauties!

Via size too small

These pouches come in a whole lot of sizes which you can find on Renees Etsy shop here.

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7 Comments to “Thursday Purseday: One for you and one for me….”

  1. very nice for keeping things organized and easy to find!

  2. I am such a sucker for that exact color of green!

  3. Peacock green is an evergreen they are so useful 🙂

  4. Love the pretty green leather! Ha, my bags usually do have one inner pocket, but I could STILL use a separate pouch or two to stay organized. My husband teases me that I can never find anything in my huge purses, and he’s totally right =P

  5. I also have lots of individual small purses in my big handbags – makes it easier to keep thing separate. I like that green leather one – nice find!

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