DIY Monday 

Oooh! It’s Monday!!! Yay?!

What are we making today? Well, we are spray painting a bicycle in the Unreal office today but since you guys can’t be a part of that- here is a cute little project to keep you busy this week. Infact, I might ACTUALLY attempt this because I have two sets of scrabble just lying around begging to be used for some DIY type project.

If you thought foodgawker was awesome, wedding gawker is even better! This is where I found this awesome project. Follow this link to Intimate Weddings to read all the steps on how to make these cute little scrabble coasters.

Via Intimate Weddings Via Wedding Gawker

I really try and find simple DIY projects because like I have said a hundred times before-I am terrible at this stuff. I try and I try-but I always mess up. At least with something pretty straightforward -I am (kind of ) confident I won’t make a mess of it! I think these would be nice name plates at a wedding, don’t you?

Have a great week 🙂


9 Comments to “ DIY Monday 

  1. Grt work.. love them


  2. Those are adorable!! Did you know there is a Craft Gawker too?! Even better for DIY finds!

  3. How adorable!! Such a fab find.

  4. I like this DIY project and this would be a great one for a themed party!

  5. Love this post! Will definitely give this a shot! xx

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