Tuesday Shoesday : Louby insanity.

Pretending to be a ballerina , maybe? I don’t know about you-but these definitely spell D.A.N.G.E.R for me!



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8 Comments to “Tuesday Shoesday : Louby insanity.”

  1. Oh these shoes… I love them I want them for when I am a lady of leisure and I am carried on a pagoda by cute boys, Cleopatra style!

  2. I can’t even imagine how you could wear them! Would expect anyone to fall flat.

  3. Are these even possible? Are they even legal? OMG!!

  4. haha…I was looking for an image of someone actually wearing them.. and I did find one! also this soundbyte: “You can’t walk or run in these shoes,” said Louboutin. “They’re only made for lying on your back.”

  5. So awesome… Love ballet heels… Wish I could walk in them… 😉

  6. not danger!…they are impossible to wear..

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