Can you tie a sari?

It’s no secret that I still can’t tie my own sari-even though I am nearing the dreaded age of three zero (dreaded for other people, I don’t really care!). But yes, it’s shameful that I have to get my Mom to tie my sari every time I have to wear one.About time I learnt to do it on my own. Ah! If it only were that simple! Do you realise how much cloth you are dealing with? SIX YARDS of it!!! I mean, that’s like an invitation to disaster- think me getting tangled, tripping and probably ripping the sari. I know I am making it sound terribly hard and tedious but how difficult could it really be considering that in the 1940’s my Grandmother came over from England in a boat, got onto a train to Lahore and tied one ALL BY HERSELF in a bathroom which was probably 2 feet by 3 feet big? Granny was much much smarter than I was and very determined (she didn’t even have Google remember?) to somehow figure out how to tie a sari well enough so it didn’t fall off the minute she tried to walk-but I don’t think I can be all that dumb. Right?

As they say-practise makes perfect and I am going to practise till I am able to win every sari-tying competition that exists!

While looking for a how-to-tie-a-sari tutorial, I came across this little pictorial explanation. I loved it because not only does it show you the (seemingly easy) steps but it’s so old school that I couldn’t resist posting it here. My favourite is the quote on the top right hand corner- ‘Possession of a saree will never be a waste. The Cloth is Convertible to any fancy wear like maxis and frocks’ .True that- I got a whole bunch of scarves, and other things made out of old saris. (Oh, just fyi, it’s okay to spell sari as saree as well-just in case you were wondering).Forgive the few typos in this , and let me know if any of you try tying a sari following these instructions.


While looking for a video on sari tying steps, I came across nothing very interesting- all the videos were pretty drab and boring (and from the 1970’s , I think) so I have decided apart from becoming a sari tying expert, I am going to also make a video on how to tie  a sari! Should be fun!!!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!!


13 Responses to “Can you tie a sari?”

  1. It’s very interesting ! Can I use your picture in my article? I use here 🙂

  2. Well step for wearing a saree. I Like your tutorial.

  3. wow vry complectd steps , its vry useful for me…

  4. I’m not sure I’ll ever have the chance to wear a sari, but I love the step-by-step!

  5. wow great instructions

  6. Here’s a cute video from Good Indian Girl on how to tie a sari:

  7. The hard part is the pleats – they drive me crazy aaaaahhhhhhh

  8. Admittedly I’ve never had the occasion to wear a sari, but always wondered how they were tied – wow! Look forward to seeing your video!

  9. I used a similar tutorial when I had to tie my first saree 2 years back. Although I shouldn’t admit this, but I’ve actually got a couple of saree’s with the pleats sewn together 😉 I know it’s cheating but it is easier to handle! Good luck with your practise!

  10. Seems complicated to me!! They are sure beautiful though.


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