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October 26, 2011

Festival of Lights

I can still hear my Gran singing this song she wrote for Diwali like she was standing next to me and singing , ‘Diwali Diwali, festival of lights….Candles burn, tops spin round….’

Have a wonderful Diwali everyone and remember say NO to fire-crackers. They are wasteful, encourage child labour and all the dogs really suffer!


Photos by Kismet

**Happy Diwali!**

October 19, 2011

Good Ideas by Maya

The festive season is in full swing now with Diwali about a week away and the endless number of weddings and other festivals like Dussehra , Karvachauth punctuating the days. This time of year in India is like Christmas in other parts of the world- everything is decked up with lights ,the shops are open till late, and there are endless parties to attend! It’s fun but my favourite part of this time of year aren’t the festivals but the weather! The temperature dips,and we can prepare ourselves for our short (and severe) winter season. Yup, cannot wait to eat those lunches out in the garden while soaking in the sun.

We have a  special Diwali post up today. Maya has been on our blog a long long time ago so we are happy to have her here again. As I had mentioned in this previous post, Maya is über talented and creative. Her photographs are brilliant and I love her Good Ideas!

Here is a short note from Maya-

I love receiving and sending letters  –  the handwriting and the stamps on the envelopes and finding the right smooth, thick, crunchy pen –  all of that good stuff. And I think theres something about old fashioned notecards and stationery that online greetings just can’t replace. And when they’re hand-made, you know theres a little bit of the artist in every card. I love the idea of spending time over every design and every piece i make, as opposed to buying the mass-produced cards available in the shops. I’ve been making stationery and cards for about a year now, and this year I thought I’d do something festive for diwali.
So, this diwali send out these exclusive handmade cards.

Each card is uniquely fashioned with a diya design made with different prints, and a lovely festive border. sold individually and in packs of 2, and 5 with envelopes.

I agree with Maya completely, there is nothing that compares to a hand-written note -online cards just seem so disposable! How do you save a card you get online? Print it? What’s the fun in that!

All photos taken by Maya Singh

If you want to get in touch with Maya to buy her hand made Diwali cards, you can send her an email at or just write to us at and we will put you in touch with her. 

We are super busy and if we don’t get to post before Diwali (though I hope to)- have a happy and safe Diwali. Take it easy on the firecrackers though-think of the poor dogs!xx

October 11, 2011

Lucky In Love : Ideas For Incorporating Horseshoes Into Your Wedding by Bridal Musings

I realise it has been quite a while since I last posted but we have been nice and busy ! Wedding season is in full swing and we started it off with a really fun bridal session in Delhi , then a Hawaiian photo booth followed by a two day photo booth at one of Chandigarh’s biggest events/fairs-The Vanity Fair. Today I am in Delhi with some time to catch up with my blogging before I cover a wedding tomorrow night. Yes, we are low on sleep and have loads of work but you won’t here us complaining! The weather is getting better and the days to my beach holiday are coming closer-so I am happy!
Today is Tuesday Shoesday and we have a very special post in store! I am delighted to have Elizabeth ,owner of  Bridal Musings -one of my favourite blogs writing for us today. She suggested it might make an interesting Tuesday Shoesday post and I couldn’t agree more.
I’m not going to jabber any more-let Elizabeth do all the talking now!
Hello Unreal Bride readers, it’s a pleasure to be guest posting here today. 

Kismet kindly wrote an awesome post on Indian Wedding traditions and shared some of her gorgeous wedding photography over on my UK wedding blog Bridal Musings so we thought it’d be fun for me to feature an English wedding tradition here on the Unreal Bride.  

The Lucky Horse Shoe
I used to ride horses growing up so I absolutely adore it when brides and grooms involve their horses in their wedding day. But if having a horse at your wedding sounds a bit too much like hard work {which surely it must be!} why not incorporate horse shoes into your wedding. After all, we’ve come a long way from the cheap, plastic horseshoes often seen swinging from puffy sleeved, big haired brides’ bouquets of the 80s.
Image of bride & horse by Jose Villa via Style Me Pretty

Traditionally horse shoes represent good luck, this is believed to stem from Medieval times when blacksmiths were considered to have magical powers {alchemy}. And a ‘lucky in love’ theme is perfect for a rustic, chic wedding. Be it in an intimate, English country barn or on a desert ranch complete with cowboy boots and stetsons. The more worn and rough around the edges the horseshoes are the better for that traditional, rural feel.

Cake Toppers by Bragging Bags 
Garter by Florrie Mitton
Horseshoe Escort Cards via Coren Moore
Horseshoe necklace by Alex Monroe
Couple Holding A Horseshoe by Melissa Dunstan Photography via Bridal Musings
Spread the luck and the love by giving your guests horse shoe favours, use them as unique escort cards or even as entertainment with a horseshoe toss! And how adorable is that wooden pair of horseshoe cake toppers?
But for those of you who are not into the whole rustic/country vibe, why not include a subtle nod to the tradition with a delicate horseshoe necklace or garter? I am coveting that charming, woodland horse shoe necklace by one of my favourite British jewelry designers Alex Monroe.
Any other horse and horseshoe fans out there?
Thanks for having me on your beautiful and inspirational corner of the wedding blogosphere, Kismet. I hope you and all your readers are always ‘lucky in love’.
Bridal Musings ~ a chic and unique wedding blog
Photo by The Unreal Bride 
Since we are on the topic of horse-shoes, it is a crazy coincidence that our last bridal session was shot at a stud farm! So, I thought it would be kind of cool to post this photo which could serve a double purpose of a sneak peek from the bridal session ! Also, today is this beautiful bride’s mehendi and we wanted to send her a whole lot of love and happiness on this special day!
Happy Tuesday Shoesday everyone!Did you like our special edition for shoesday?
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October 4, 2011

Media Love ❤ ❤ Marie Claire Feature 

Reason number two gazillion and one why I love twitter-the amazing AMAZING connections and opportunities it presents! That’s pretty much how we ended up being featured in Marie Claire! Pretty cool, huh? We are pretty psyched!

I think Sam is our favouritest bride of all time- and I am glad its her photo that was selected for this issue. Don’t know Sam yet? Check her wedding out here on the blog and it was even featured on one of my favourite blogs-Bridal Musings here so you should check that out as well!

I added a bit of my own ‘artwork’ to the article in case you missed the write up about us. Sidenote: My photo taking skills are WAY better than my design skills. So , dont judge! Thanks !!

It’s extra cool since we are in the company of some really cool people in this article- a fellow photographer , Priyanka(Sachar) and the fabulous wedding planner, Candice. Thanks again Vivani for this awesome feature!

I can’t wait to get my hands on an actual physical copy of the magazine-it still hasn’t reached the stands in Chandigarh yet.Yay!Great start to what is the beginning of wedding season for us. Have a good week, everyone!

Thank you  Marie Claire India.

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