Photo of the week 

Today, Pinterest sent me (and all you other Pinterest-ers) a real sweet e-mail first thing in the morning . I thought I should post something I found on Pinterest just to celebrate this idea that has become a way of life for so many of us now. We were just talking about it at the Unreal office today- earlier we would spend too many (non constructive) hours on Facebook but now we spend all those hours on Pinterest – where we get inspiration, ideas and just get to stare at pretty things all day long!

Here is our photo of the month- found via Pinterest (obviously!!). Isn’t it adorable!

Viva la Pinterest!!


3 Comments to “ Photo of the week 

  1. Seriously love this pictured like crazy!

  2. This is freakin’ adorable! I just love when brides and grooms include their pets into their ceremony, just super cute! 🙂

  3. I got that email too this morning, (fellow Pinterest-addict!). What an amazing resource and once you label it ‘work research’, you can spend hours there without feeling guilty 🙂

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