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December 30, 2011

Farewell 2011, Hello 2012!!

Everyone is saying it and we are feeling it too- where in the world did this year go?


December 20, 2011

Rock N’ Rollin or Unreal…or both?!

I have been saving this engagement for so many months, it is ridiculous. I am building my photography portfolio/website/blog and wanted this to be the first thing I blogged about but really…I am so lazy and this was so cool that I couldn’t wait any longer. PLUS Avani totally fits the category of the Unreal Bride so this makes complete sense 🙂
While waiting to build my online portfolio (or for it to build it self!) I also knew I wanted to submit this to one blog-Rock N’ Roll Bride.This is the one blog which when we started the Unreal Bride was our first stop  every morning . Seriously. I used to wonder if it was ever possible to be featured on that blog. But guess what, anything is possible! To be honest, I was scared I would send Kat the submission and she would be like ‘NO!!!’ .I mean from whatever I have seen/read about her-its always good stuff but you know how you think everything will go wrong with you and how people will hate you-well that is what I thought!So I was scared. Stupidly so!! because Kat is as cool as her pink hair! 
I may seem like I am playing it all cool and all that but I am SO not. I am bouncing off  the walls-this is a huge honour to have my photos up on the Rock N’ Roll Bride and I am so glad that it’s these two who have been featured on it.You know those connections I keep going on about ? Well Avani is one of those connections so she is extra special  ❤. I would call them the Poet and the Artist if I could and not the Barber and the Architect.
For the time being, I will just call them Avani and Yashwin.
I hand you over to Avani now-the poet;
So Yach and i have been together for over six and a half years now.
Both Cancerians. Both demented. (uhmm….who is she calling demented?! I only see two hotties!)
. . . and there we were, on our way to the cinema, driving to catch Tangled on Christmas day,
and he turns to me and goes “Let’s get married!” and I’m like “Yeah, Why the hell not”. Just like that.
We chose June 1st cause that’s the day my parents got married 25 years ago. It seemed right, you know.
What followed were a blurry five months. All for a massive party- to celebrate my parents silver anniversary and a coming-out-to-the-world-of-sorts for Y and I.
 Retracing the steps to that glorious day-
the before.
I was on a happy high. Literally feeling like a pumpkin,
swirling merrily to jazz, making mental notes, riding on perpetual elation.
The dress:
As I paraded around the studio
in my funny patchwork garb,
Yach called me a magician, see the love in that statement?
Two odd elves getting each other’s oddities and such.
The shoes:
I fell in lust the minute I saw them.
Cause I don’t usually wear anything but Mary janes or flipflops not because I don’t like sexy shoes but because I fall, a LOT.(She lies not, I have photographic evidence of when she tripped a *few* times but I know how she feels(since I fall a lot too!) so let’s not go there! 
I wanted to build a glass showcase for my molten gold bling heels
 cause they are a piece of art, that should be periodically ogled at and maybe worshiped.
The hair:
My hair’s short so I decided to wax it some and pretty it by adding these two lovely brooches my mum- in -law sent me.
The barber in me was beaming.
The jewelry:
I was going to wear my mother’s earrings, old school prettiness.
and bangles cause I love bangles, obsessively.
The cake:
Shrek cake? or the cake that looked like Mad Hatter’s hat?
We went with the hat- wild purple and sugarpaste and pink scallops and fondant.
I wanted them stripes, polkas, squiggly candy frostings in orange and fuschia
totally reflecting the strange in us.
The rings:
So, sadly there was nothing that was passed on for generations in Y’s family, something that was charmingly reeking of age- old tradition cause I am a sentimental fool like that.
I wanted something that was very me. Not a huge baubles person but this was special.
So we chose a funny little solitaire wrapped around a vine like engraving, holding the diamond like the mouth of a tulip.
and Y chose a simple band with three diamonds carved and held flat and he got both the rings set in rose gold.
And we saw them, the symbolic bands,
they burned it in copper,
they etched it in gold,
our names ~ our lives ~ our love.
Flying furniture, boomerang thoughts, bubbling baubles and ever increasing good kind of anxiety as the day loomed closer.
We got temple engaged two days before the big party.
Rose petals and wire circlets.
Sacred rites through a gold door.
The day he put a ring on it:
I saw only the blue in the sky that day
only the bright, only the serene,
held my dreams to my chest, dearly,
held my love in quiet possession.
The after:
Blessed and blissed out.
The gold fish scaled shoes killed it, for real, like they killed my feet.
The hem of my skirt was all wildflowers as i danced in delirium.
O,f strangers and kindness
of fairy lights and carriage dreams,
of a blinding, all consuming sort of love.
~ the stars sometimes align and the moon sings ~
And having Kismet there was just beyond awesome.
She captured the day just exactly as it was.
The frantic frills and  getting ready and the road to the party place. All of it.
All the randomness, all the gorgeous candids and all the details, the tiniest ones didn’t escape her.
All my beloved, humans and cat babies.
Thank you love for giving us the most beautiful of all gifts – lasting picture memories ❤

Photographer:Kismet Jewell Nakai

Outfit: Masaba and Missoni
Shoes: Trés Mode
Location: Mumbai
The song that played on repeat the whole time we were at the house . I never remember the name but I will never forget the tune.
December 5, 2011

Photo Booth: The Hawaiian Way

Aloha!! October was definitely Photo Booth month for us over at The Unreal Bride. We had two different booths to set up in a span of three days. To make sure we had everything in order, we started working on them way in advance, which is quite the achievement for us because we are known for our procrastinating ways. Many lists were made and many hours spent on Pinterest. We managed to make very comprehensive checklists for the two photo booths and without them; we might not have been so organized.

Let’s talk about the Hawaiian Photo Booth we set up first. It’s so great to know people are stretching their imaginations and having themed bachelorette parties and going all out to make them a fun night! The Hawaiian Bride (as she will be called here on now) got in touch with us many MANY months in advance and said whatever happens, she wants us to set up a photo booth at her bachelorette! We couldn’t be more excited- it had been a while since we had done one(remember our first Love photo booth?) and we couldn’t have asked for a more fun theme. It also meant a lot of prep work. So onto our favourite site we went- PINTEREST! So many great ideas in one place! This is what our inspiration board looked like-

All these photos were found via Pinterest

The must haves on our list for the Hawaiian photo booth looked something like this-

-A bright colour backdrop

-Strings of flowers for the backdrop

Umbrella Wreath (this one was a MUST! I absolutely loved it when I saw it first on Pinterest)

-Grass skirts

-Coconut Bras

-Flower wreaths for the head and arms

-Tiki Man (of course!)

Now, we found all our reference images and put them down on our list. That was all very well till we realized we live in a place where props like these don’t come by easily! Which meant only thing- lots of DIY projects!

We love DIY projects but when I say we have limited supplies-I don’t lie. Modgepodge is unheard of, grass skirts need to be specially ordered and coconut bras- no way!!! What we would do for a Michaels or a supply store like that! Not that the unavailability of the raw materials would deter us. We tackled one problem at a time.

April’s mum always comes out a rock star- she has a boutique where she churns out the most fabulous designs and clothes, which we occasionally use for Unreal Bride projects. This being one of them. We just told her of our woes and she solved some of our bigger problems! Like what? Like, she made our grass skirts out of this special kind of cloth which looked more like grass than cloth, covered bra pads with brown cloth and used some rope to make the most believable coconut bras. Of course, our bright green backdrop came from her too! She stuck the fruit on the fruit hat which became the most popular item at the Hawaiian photo booth as well as the photo booth we had the next day (but that is another story). How cool is she!

Mother and daughter hard at work!! While I take a few photos with my trusty iphone !

We thought and thought and even tried to make our umbrella wreaths but whatever we thought/tried failed miserably. Finally we had to outsource this project to a florist who made the most perfect wreaths!

We saw the tiki man on this blog(I am trying to locate the link for the blog where we saw it but I can’t find it!!!AAH!) and thought there was no way the booth would be complete without him. April used her painting skills to make him and what a cutey he was! The Hawaiian Bride had got some props of her own- like the flower wreaths which added the perfect touch!

April loved the tiki man. A bit too much I think. 

Our added bonus to the booth was our pink flamingo! Not very Hawaiian, I reckon (or is it?!) but he was a real hit with the girls at the party. Everyone loved him. Almost as much as we love him. Pinkie has come all the way from San Francisco- he was won at a fete! Isn’t he adorable!?

He even got to wear the ‘bachelorette’ crown for a bit!

With all our props ready, we were all set to hit the party and it was a complete blast! There were about 20 girls at the bachelorette and I think they spent most of their time at the booth.

Here you can see April and the DJ at the party in their awesome grass skirts!

Unfortunately, we can’t share the photos from the party (all I can say is that it got pretty WILD!) but we are sharing some shots of the empty booth and some self shots which we love so much!

We partied till the wee hours of the morning and drove straight home (we were in a city two hours away) and then woke up SO early in the morning the next day to set up our next photo booth. That was a two daylong affair and we came away not only with awesome tans but also with a lot of new friends (and photos)! But that is another story!

Photo Booth Styled, Conceptualised and Photographed by The Unreal Bride

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