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February 10, 2012

Photobooth : R+R 

It’s raining photo-booths!! Not that we are complaining! Photo booths give us the perfect opportunity to expand our creativity and improve our ‘controlled’ photography. This year (by which I mean 2011)has been just such a photo boothy kind of year and not one has been the same. I am rather pleased that people put so much thought into their photo booth and it isn’t just another add-on at a wedding/party/event. The things you can do are endless and the fun to be had in a photo booth is incomparable.

This was an extra special photo booth since it was for a very dear friends engagement party . It’s nice to be appreciated by your friends for the work you do and when they treat you like professionals, you can’t help but think that maybe you are doing something (very) right.

The theme was to keep it minimal-white and gold. We had been dying to use these paper flowers seen all over Pinterest (of course) – they are so delicious looking – and this seemed the perfect opportunity. Though the flowers are YUMMY in all these colours, we decided to stick to white (since that was the theme) and to add some gold to it.

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Via Pinterest, originally from here

I had shown April these flowers as an example and actually had no idea how to make them-I am challenged in that sense but thankfully she isn’t ! The next day when I went to her house, I saw her living floor was covered in paper, little helpers cutting and folding the paper and these gorgeous white flowers strewn all over! Over the next few days, hundreds of flowers were made and anyone who stopped by helped by folding or opening out a flower. The making of the flower really deserves a post of it’s own which you will have to wait for! {Coming soon : DIY tutorial for making paper flowers }

Here are some photos of the photo booth under construction in April’s home. They were up against a window and the light streaming through the paper flowers just added to the gorgeousness of it all.

Once the flowers were ready, we added some gold cloth to the bottom just to add that splash of colour. It all came together when we set up the backdrop in the little tent at the engagement. As you can see from the photos, the white cloth with the gold print on it went perfectly with the backdrop. We didn’t want too many props since we figured every one would be dressed in their finery which meant loads of colour  and over-doing the props would take away from the minimalistic feel of it all!We couldn’t resist the moustaches on a stick though and even had tiny little chalkboards and colourful frames as part of the prop box!

The lovely couple!

Here are some fun photos from the photo booth!

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Photo Booth Styled, Conceptualised and Photographed by The Unreal Bride

FYI, our next post will be something that has been long overdue , a bridal session we had mentioned in this post here and the DIY tutorial on how to make these paper flowers! Forgive us for being so out of it lately- you will know why soon enough! Give us some time and we will be back full swing!

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