The {Un}Real Diaries : Where to begin?

Like with many things in my life, I have been procrastinating with starting this series of blog posts.What series? The series where we talk about my wedding. Gosh! That sounds strange to write! Mostly because  even though I am happy to share details of the wedding-there are a few things I wonder about like-how much do I want to share? How much is over sharing? How do I decide what to write about and what not to write about? Uff! Its all too complicated. So, in keeping up with tradition and my typical behaviour- I am going to start a*% backwards and then fill in the gaps as we go. Maybe you guys can help make a list for me of what to discuss and what not to discuss.  SO much easier when someone tells you what to do, right? Not really but you get what I mean!

So to start this series of with a real BANG, I am showing you the trailer of our wedding video. I don’t know if it’s right to flip out over your own video so much,but in the enthusiasm of the videographer who made this video-I can say it is pretty fricking AWESOME!Which also brings me to the videographer? Who is he?Who are they? He/They (because sometimes he works on his own and sometimes he doesn’t) is one of my oldest friends who has always been really creative but only picked up a camera a couple of years ago. He started off with photography but decided it wasn’t his thing even though he was really good at it. He decided he LOVES shooting videos and loves editing them even more. And he is good. I’m not just saying it because he is such a good friend but because quite simply-he is brilliant (I can see his head swelling up already feeling all cool and all). His name is Rahul Datta but he is happier being called a Starving Artist. Go to his facebook page here- Starving Artist Videos and make sure you ‘like’ his page. At the moment, he is busy being the official videographer for Kings XI (the cricket team just in case you didn’t know that) and I am trying to convince him this season he needs to do more wedding videos. Don’t you agree? Other people who helped in shooting the video were Maya Singh  and Vir Nakai. I am just glad my 5D Mkii came back intact after the mad wedding party!

Side note- I have posted many a time my love for The Wedding Filmer’s work here and if it weren’t for Starving Artist Videos– I’d have opted them for sure. Oh, the challenges of being surrounded by so many amazingly talented people!

Now, to the video-


Shot and Edited by : Starving Artist Videos

Wasn’t that just awesome? I have watched the video so many times, its ridiculous. Each time I discover something new, something different. I can’t wait for the longer version (are you listening, Rahul?).Some other people you might spot and recognise in the video are – Vir, Maya, April, Carmen, Ingo, Steffen and of course Rahul.

Now, that we have kicked off this series, what should the next post be about?


22 Responses to “The {Un}Real Diaries : Where to begin?”

  1. Loved the video! Can anyone tell me what’s the name of the soundtrack used? It’s stuck in my head 😀

  2. So ridiculously beautiful! The glimpses of details, from the table linens, to the flowers, and your beautiful jewelry with that stunning blue saree! Sigh, I can only hope my wedding next year will be as fantastic. I love the idea of an outdoor wedding and reception. So much more doable in India than it is here in the US.

    I also wanted to ask you and the other commenters a question. My fiance and I are having a hard time finding Hindu/Gujarati wedding invitations here in the US that have all the traditional elements BUT is super modern and fun. Can anyone suggest a designer or shop in India that we could work with? Thank you a bunch!!!

  3. AH MAZING! You look absolutely stunning in blue & gold. You both look so happy and like you’re having sooo much fun! As do all the guests! I can’t tell you how much I love this film too ~ the soundtrack is awesome! Congratulations Kismet ~ a true unreal bride if ever I saw one 🙂

  4. I loved, loved this video! You look amazing and it was so nice to see a little of the big day. Everyone dancing and smiling! Love it! So glad you had a wonderful wedding celebration! Miss you! XO

  5. didnt expect anything other than awesome from LOOVe the film 😀 future brides take note! now off to stalk Starving Artist

  6. Next round of posts to do –
    1. Where you got that gorgeous blue lehenga and gold jewellery from
    2. Who did that awesome decor in the video!

    I can give you a gazillion more blog post requests, but for the time being, please do dish out the details on these!

  7. okay that was one coool trailer!!! what i love the most was how everything was all at home and comfortable for everyone including the bride! that trend has diminished back at my country where the bride is all stuck up about everything should be perfect and how the entire wedding becomes soo formal and a big showoff!

    I am def. picking up my inspirations from you kismet! love it!

  8. Love it!!!! Especially the fishy mouth.

  9. I LOVE the video!!!!!

  10. Amazing! Congratulations Kismet! The blue and gold was so pretty.

  11. thank u much for that mention Kismet… 🙂 I have it on good authority from the Wedding FIlmer himself that yours would have been the wedding film to shoot. 🙂 Rahul, of course, has done a superb job too. Sending back some mutual love, admiration and all. xx

  12. Congratulations once again Kismet. Gosh !!!! A dream wedding. Loved every bit of the highlights, wished there were more. Excellent job at the video. You looked awesome, loved your attire, your jewellery, make-up…everything !! keep posting please..


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