Let’s Sing a Song a Week…

Here at the Unreal Bride, music plays a really important part and never fails to make a not-so-great day a happier one! We thought maybe it would be fun to share some of the music here with all of you! What do you think-how do you like the idea of a ‘Song a Week’?

Twitter is a great place-how many times have you heard that? Well , it is! And I have ‘met’ some great people there-one of them being Abeer. She started telling me a song a day and she finds the most amazing songs! So I thought who could be a better candidate to contribute to this then her?

On that note, I shall hand over the reins to Abeer-

The first Song of the Week is an old gem by Paolo Nutini, on the occasion of the inaugural Song of the Week!
Besides, we all know how quickly a beautiful new pair of shoes can change your entire mood for the day!

New Shoes- Paolo Nutini

Here’s a little bit about Abeer-

Likes balloons and books.
Doesn’t bullet point life.
Floods feeds @aboutabeer and barely blogs at justabeer.blogspot.com.

What do you think? Song of the week a good idea? Yay/Nay?




3 Comments to “Let’s Sing a Song a Week…”

  1. Phew! Looking forward to more… 🙂 Sooner, please?

  2. Does this mean The {Un}Real Diaries is over?!

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