Happy 1st Birthday Ketchup!!! {and a Giveaway!!!}

Hello Readers!

Everyone familiar with the blog won’t need to be introduced to Ketchup. For the uninitiated, Ketchup Bags is a brand that makes some of the cutest bags we’ve seen and to celebrate their first birthday they let us (and in turn, you) have a little sneak peek of their new collection. Remember the fab photo shoot we did with their last collection-The Monsoon Bride??

While brainstorming for the project, we felt like every possible way to photograph a bag had already been done and since ketchup falls in the food product category (Ketchup the sauce, get it?! ) , we thought why not take pictures of the bags alongside some yummy for the tummies! And the best part of this sneak peek is that its a giveawayyyy!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!!

First, you must take a look at these neon beauties and have yourself a bit of a drool –

Now that you have seen for yourself how delicious the new collection we’re sure you want to win something ketchup-y. In order to do so – heres what you have to do

1. Leave us a comment in our comment section below telling us what you love most about Ketchups new collection

2. Go to the Ketchup page on facebook here and Like it – also leave a message on their wall saying The Unreal Bride sent you there – in case you already like their page on facebook.

3. Tweet – Another fantastic giveaway by @ketchupbags on The @unrealbride . I’m going to win! 

The competition is open till Monday the 13th of August and one lucky winner will be randomly selected and will win an accessory from Ketchups new collection. Multiple tweets are welcome but will not imcrease your chances of winning!!

p.s. : A big thank you to Ketchup for extending their birthday month (which was July! ) for us and our readers so that we could be a part of the celebration as well! Good luck!!!!


36 Responses to “Happy 1st Birthday Ketchup!!! {and a Giveaway!!!}”

  1. Wish you a very happy bady and Hope you live for generations to come !!!

    The pink one has it all , totallyyyyy love it. ! I personally think you are a very good designer and you will always excel….. your bags stand out without being impractile

    I wish you all the best always .

  2. Who are the winners????????

  3. Wow awesome colorful collection nice post

  4. i love the collection – great patterns!
    I like them on facebook and commented on their wall

  5. This is my first introduction to Ketchup, but after reading your post… I’m hooked! I love the fun colors, styles, not to mention every bag is handcrafted and a limited edition. Very nice collection indeed! Thank you so much for giving us the chance to win.

  6. Neon neon everywhere!!! Couldn’t be happier to see the combination of cutwork and neon on the pill box clutches. The neon pipping on the dull greys makes it perfect for work wear. And the broghtest neon of them all – ❤ – is ideal with casual denims.
    Hats off to the thought behind the food-n-bag shoot combo.

  7. Love the mix of cutwork and neon in the pill box cluches. The spar of the neon satchels makes it drool-worthy to wear with casual demins.
    Good going with the food-n-bag combination! Looks scumptious.

  8. fun funky and fabulous… just begins to describe the amazing new collection of KETCHUP. love the variety of bags being offered in the new collection. the bright neon colors catch the eye immediately and the subtle grey and silver tones give the bags a cool chique look and the combination of both gives the bags a unique edge similar to none. the bags would easily carry a girls look from day to night. the etched look made by the cutout designs gives the bags a quaint elegant look making it an apt choice for any occasion. the beautiful collection is for sure one of a kind and owning a piece from the collection would surely get any girl bundles of compliments. kudos to the team of KETCHUP great job once again on the amazing collection…one hit after another with the beautiful bags. Cheers!!!

  9. Wow! Lovely bags! What I love about Ketchup bags? well I havent purchased any so far to be honest, but the sight of bags itself is making it very tempting for me to purchase one! I dont want to be biased and boast just cos it is a contest but I am writing from a heart for what I am actually feeling about the bags that I am seeing right now!

    What I love about Ketchup bags is the colors used. They are so playful and vibrant! The look is so classy and almost a tough competition giver to high profile and out-of-reach brands! I am looking at it right now and the shapes I am looking at are just awesome. They look so intricate and carved. It looks like each piece is hand crafted with lot of time and dedication and ofcourse lot of love! The clutches colors are so different and I am wondering that, wont my attire look dull in front of this classy clutches and handbags? I think I will have to revamp my closet to match the classy and elegance style of Ketchup bags!

    The cutout detailed work is not the one to missed at. It gives authentic look as well as modern look to the bags! Uff, I am gonna dream only about Ketchup bags tonight! Help Lord!

    The neon colors are so rare to find in bags and if found, it has to be balanced! Ketchup got it JUST right! Oh man, I am already in love with it and I am sure, Ketchup bag is gonna go long way ahead!

    Another thing I missed to add, is the photography of the bags! The models showcase products just right that it gets tempting to have it in our hand or shoulder! So professional. That is the USP of the KETCHUP BAGS!

    And also @The Unreal Bride, I love how your photography has been done! thats what got me here into contest! Amazing!

    Well, All the best to everyone here!

  10. i love bags and food and that is why i really loved the photo shoot of the bags, so unique and yummylicious 🙂 and the collection is fab and i loved everything about it 🙂 , the mix of different neon colours with neutral grey colour to create a beautiful impact and the different bag styles add the perfect flavour in the new bags collection. neon is in trend and using this in the bags so sophistically that you give us a chance to carry them with almost every attire and actually can bring life to any boring outfit or look, they look like a ray of sunshine in the monsoons .

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway 🙂 and congrats ketchup on turning 1 🙂

  11. Thanks for the awesum giveaway.This is my first visit to your page n I am simply in love with the bright & vibrant colors of the ketchup bags!!!!The most important thing that I love about the Ketchup new collection is the fact that people will surely turn back n see me when I am gonna carry this bag.That’s for sure….eye-catching,mesmerizing.

  12. About the new collection of ketchup, I loved the way the neon colors are mixed with the unique designs which gives a purse or a bag a glamorous look and I

    cannot take sight out of it!!!!!!!!!! ketchup has innovwtively used the neon colors which makes a purse look more uniquely created and yet stylish!!!!! I think the use of colors along with unique designs is the WOW factor of ketchup’s new collection!!!!!!!!

    FB Name: Meenakshi Kapur

    FB Post Link: https://www.facebook.com/ketchupbags/posts/10152022410870607
    Twitter Name: Meenakshi Kapur
    Twitted Link: https://twitter.com/KapurMeenakshi/status/234207126409576448
    Email: mikakapur@yahoo.in

    One more thing, I loved your post about this giveaway!!!!!! You have innovatively used matching color food with the clucthes and purses and the bags which adds

    to the look of purses as well as the food!!!!!

    Very nicely presented the purses with the food and I lovd the first pic where you have displayed gajar ka halwa decorated with cashew nuts and placed along side

    color matching cluchtes…… This is Simply Suerpb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Thank you for so many giveaways contests though i am yet to win one 🙂 !
    The most amazing thing about the ketchup collection is it’s uniqueness which makes it stand apart.The funky neon colors, awesome designs, amazing collection are a superhit amongst all genre.
    Thank You guys, now we’ll hv something different to flaunt than the usual designs n colors.
    KETCHUP’s the new IN thing which adds zing to our lives 🙂

  14. I love KETCHUP for its WOW collection of bags.They are absolutely statement pieces that can transform me to an extremely stylish woman who carries her style with grace.I get showered with compliments just to fill my heart with overflowing exuberance.It is a bag which every woman desires to celebrate herself & wants to indulge in the exotic KETCHUP bags & clutches that elicit luxury & elation.KETCHUP is a fashionista’s favourite brand,for she gets here all that she needs to hold onto,it showcases signature style and bears witness to one’s lifestyle,the WOW bags.The bag every girl desires in her closet.

    In short KETCHUP bags are all about Love,made with love,make you fall in love with it,makes someone fall in love with you.

  15. Modern designs with a hint of traditional work. These can be teemed up with any outfit and for any Occasion. A Must for Every Stylish Girl’s wardrobe. Looking at one makes you wanna pick it up in all the wonderful Neon colors.

  16. Thank you for duch a contest !
    The most amazing thing about the ketchup collection is it’s uniqueness. It stands tall and different from others.
    Thank You guys, now we’ll hv something different to flaunt than the usual solid colors.
    I like the neon thing as it makes the collection look chic.
    It’s colorful, stylish n so very unique.

  17. It’s voguish, chic, stylish, young, neon colourful, & very very CHEER ME UP!!!

  18. Hi. Nice contest – thank you. What I LOVE about the New Ketchup collection is: its effortlessly ornate & funky at the same time 😉 and, that is something! Along with the well noticed & praised Neon color usage, I LOVE the motifs – the inter-play of the funky neon with the classically ornate motifs just makes for oh-so-hep fusion! They not only transcend genres but will easily transcend occasions / use as well 😉 Well done!

  19. lovvved the canddy pink!!!!

  20. I love Ketchup ‘s new collection as its so ME ! Its vibrant , colourful , juicy , and a warm-pleasant surprise! Wow! 🙂

  21. This season everyone’s come up with non bags just to follow the trend but Ketchup has really tried variety, experimented with colors to bring out this fab collection. I just love the fun yet chic and smart element of the new Ketchup collection which is the brand’s USP and has made a niche in the clutter of brands around us. Its bound to get notice and envied 🙂

    FB: Nidhi Chandna
    Twitter: nidc13
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/nidc13/status/233061217030246400

  22. They shout “FUN” out loud! and that’s what fashion should be!

  23. I’d say Ketchups new collection is perfect for monsoons!!! ^.^ These bags would surely inject a splash of color this dull season 😀
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway 🙂

    My FB Name: Nupur Saxena
    My Twitter Handle: @emerald_heart25
    Email: nupur25.saxena[at]gmail[dot]com

  24. I absolutely LOVE the colors. Neon is the new black, and Nikhaar seems to have made the perfect “little black dress” of the neon world! The cut-work element adds that signature edge that makes Ketchup bags far above the ordinary. Keep up the awesome work! p.s. the photpgraphy and styling are kick ass!

  25. What i like about the Ketchup collection is the uniqueness of each design, i love the cutout detail work and what can i say about the use of Neon colors!! I think each piece speaks for itself and thats what makes this collection stand out!!

    Already a member of Ketchup!!
    Tweeted aswell https://twitter.com/jas_mine7/status/232921854250196992

  26. These bags are all so drool worthy. All these beauties are just so perfect and eye catching. I wish I could lay my hands on them rite away. They are so crisp and smart and will add oomph to any kind of outfit!!
    Fingers crossed. xo

  27. heya
    must say lovely photography (actly yummy photography) ;p
    i m gig fan of ketchup nd following them since last few months 🙂
    their collection is just wow cute nd beautifull ❤
    nd this collection is really a big surprise its just stupendo fantabulous 😀
    hugs nd kisses

  28. Lovely Bags….

  29. Looks like Ketchup is not for every one, just like neons ;D

  30. I love your quirky designs and the fabulous happy colors. Makes em perfect for the chic look! Keep em coming 🙂

  31. why i love the new ketchup collection…uuummm…wats not to love..!!??? ^_^

    fun lively colors…check
    innovative designs….check
    unique n different….check

    just looking at these pictures makes me wanna grab them right outta the computer screen…!!
    all in all it makes for a must have in every girl’s wardrobe for sure….!! 8)

    i think i’m falling in ❤ LoVE ❤ :* 😉 (no..seriously…. i AM..)

  32. How fun! And such cute bags!! Good luck to everyone 🙂

  33. Well, I am seeing this brand here for the first time. (Late to this party!)
    And their catchy colours is exactly the thing I am looking for make my outfits more vivid and vibrant.
    Lord knows how tough that can be!
    But anyway, Congrats on your first year!

  34. Hi. What I love about the new Ketchup collection is the fabulous neon colours; the razor sharp design that gives it a touch of glam and oomph and the fact that these bags are stylish enough to go from a morning meeting to an evening cocktail party effortlessly! 🙂


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