Singing That Song

Usually you have to chase people if they are submitting a post to your blog(I know people definitely chase me!) but not with Abeer! She is ON the game and sent me the next song of the week all on her own! Wow.

About the song-

With the Olympics making news every day and night, we find a surge of motivation amongst mere mortals who are all suddenly inclined to join a gym, go the extra mile for that workout, put in a little more effort to get that report in or to even come first for a task. In such spirit, this week’s song is to motivate and inspire you, hopefully in theatrical slow motion as you pass the baton on, cry tears of glory and bite gold medals for great feats of the human capacity and spirit.

65daysofstatic- Radio Protector

Here’s a little bit about Abeer-

Likes balloons and books.
Doesn’t bullet point life.
Floods feeds @aboutabeer and barely blogs at


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