Who won Ketchup’s 1st birthday giveaway??

I have to do that irritating thing where before announcing the  winner, there is either a commercial break or a long speech! Most of you are going to skip over this bit to see who won but once you’ve checked and come back to re-read-I just wanted to say how AWESOME all the entries were. I wish everyone could win something but alas, life is cruel! Thank you for participating and showing so much love not only to us but to Ketchup as well! We all truly appreciate it and I doubt this is the last you are going to hear of Ketchup and The Unreal Bride teaming up together! We absolutely adore Ketchup and can’t wait to work with them again! Thank you Ketchup for letting us preview your new and fabulous collection!

Now to more important things.

The winner of the giveaway is ……………………..VIVANI !!!!

Congratulations Vivani 🙂 Here is what you won-a wonderful neon accessory from Ketchup-I suggest you better buy a bag to go with it 😉




We used Random Picker to pick a winner -you can click here to get to know it better!


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