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September 19, 2012

The {Un}Real Diaries: The Invitation Situation

Before I show you the beautiful (if I say so myself) photographs of the wedding, it is absolutely crucial I tell you how I found Carmen&Ingo-the most awesome photographes and lovely people!

Crucial to tell you the story because the way I found them played two important roles- one, our wedding cards and two, the photographers. Oh and there is a third point as well- that  Kate is a good friend . You all know Kate if you have been reading the Unreal Bride for a while. You would know her better as the person behind the Magnolia Rouge blog(where I ‘discovered’ Carmen &Ingo but that is another story!) or Ruby &Willow (her website) or more recently , the gorgeous magazine Mag Rouge.

Kate and I have known each other a while thanks to all our online interaction over the past couple of years. All that is left is for us to actually meet! She is a super talented designer who designs gorgeous invitation suites when she isn’t busy blogging or designing her magazine or taking her puppy for a walk. Seriously, where does she get the time?

Via Magnolia Rouge

This is a nice teaser of a few of Kate’s fab designs.

When the time came for our wedding cards to be designed, the only thing that made sense in my mind was that she should do it. Poor Kate. I don’t think she knew what she had signed up for. In fact,had I known what I had signed her up for, I probably wouldn’t have done it!

It would be silly to assume that you and only you are in charge of the wedding card design. Or even that just you and your fiancé are in charge. Nope. It is you and your entire family. Approval and ideas and suggestions must come from everyone. It would be rude not to include everyone. Which we kind of did. Involved everyone at tiny levels but kept the major decision making to ourselves. Not that that was any easier. We both couldn’t have been further apart in our choices for design. The choice was as far apart as me wanting a cycle and him wanting ,well no prizes for guessing, a plane.

We both knew we wanted it to be a single card, with some flowers and minimal text. I wanted flowery looking flowers and he wanting uhmm, hallmark kind of flowers. I wanted subtle pastel colours, he wanted brighter colours. I wanted a couple of  pretty calligraphy fonts and he wanted straight forward clear fonts. It was maddening!

I had Kate in a tizzy though she never showed it or said it, I made her do things not her style ,was constantly asking can you  make a slight change here or slight change there? At one point, I just wanted to make phone calls to all the people on our list to invite them-can we do without the invitations please? If I had to rate the most difficult part of planning the wedding, the cards would get a big fat TEN as the most difficult.

Finally, after many compromises and samples, we found something we loved-an arum lily-which Kate beautifully incorporated in to our card . I wonder if she did a little dance after we sent our final ‘YES’. I sure did. Kate is just such an awesome person, never complaining and so accommodating –no wonder everyone loves her. Thank you for bending over backwards for us , it meant the world to us!

Here is our card just the way we wanted it- minimal, clean, with a flower, and a dragonfly or two thrown in for good measure !

 Sure , there were a few hurdles along the way but if there hadn’t been any, there wouldn’t have been a story to tell!

Now that you heard our card story, the next one will be a feature with our photographs. It’s about time, everyone has featured our photographs except The Unreal Bride!!! Ridiculous, I say!

Till the next edition of the {Un}Real Diaries, I bid you adieu!

P.S. If you have missed the earlier editions of The {Un}Real Diaries , you can find start here.

P.P.S. Make sure you take some time out and browse through Magnolia Rouge,  Ruby & Willow, Mag Rouge.It will be worth it, I promise you!


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