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January 16, 2013

Love in Goa {a video}

When I watch a wedding video, I normally don’t check to see if it is five minutes long or twenty, I check to see how long it holds my attention. If I am not switching tabs in the first minute or so, that is a good thing! It’s tough to find videos like that though-most of the videos are exactly the same format with nothing gripping-like any other that I have seen a hundred times before! There are about two videographers out there whose videos make me happy each and every time. No prizes for guessing who they are! I will tell you just in case you are confused- The Wedding Filmer and Starving Artist Videos. Each has a distinct style and believe in their stuff which makes them stand out from the rest.

I am actually waiting anxiously for Starving Artist’s next  video (it’s our very own Princess Mit’s wedding video!) but till then ,I present you with Tanvi & Remo’s wedding video. I believe Tanvi is an Unreal Bride fan so this makes the video doubly special!


Video by Starving Artist Videos. See more work by them on Vimeo and find them on Facebook!

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