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March 22, 2013


For all of those looking out for new posts from us- WE ARE STILL HERE. A combination of work, travel, life and maybe a wee bit of laziness as well has kept us out of the blogging business for a while. We won’t lie- there were moments of ‘Let’s wrap up the Unreal Bride.’ , but we never really did anything about it because clearly we didn’t want to wrap it up! Plans of re-designing the blog, making it more original, fun, different have been floating around for a while and we hope that this time-we will manage to do what we plan to/dream of!


So, where have we been ?? What have we been doing? What are the legit excuses for us being AWOL??

For starters, April has made her way to the big bad (but loveable) city of Delhi to find a full time job-a ‘cool kind of job’. She will always be The Unreal Bride’s stylist but sometimes, you just got to go out there and do some exploring for yourself!  If anyone has any leads for an opening in a fun PR job -let us know and we will be forever grateful. Side note here: I (Kismet) have been nagging April to do what she is innately good at (i.e makeup/styling) as a full time job because I mean, she is bloody brilliant at it and shouldn’t let it go to waste? Remember the Make Up story in the {Un}Real Diaries? Yeah. Exactly.


As for me? I have been busy photographing weddings, trying to get my (personal photography) website up and running and even though there are so many wonderful people out there trying to help me-it just isn’t happening! How can something so simple be so complicated?Don’t get me started on that-I might cry!! I wish I could speak HTML!

I DID get my own facebook page up and running- so go have a looksie -that would be nice! Here is the link- Kismet Jewell Nakai {Photography}



I also attended a couple of great workshops at Gulf Photo Plus this year- David Hobby aka the Strobist’s was totally awesome! Here is a picture of me trying to steal his awesome camera (FujiFilm x100S). I was nice enough and gave it back to him.


Don’t go thinking that the Unreal Bride hasn’t been out there doing some fun things together- like taking some beautiful photos while the weather was beautiful.



 Also attended a ‘few’ weddings-


All photos have been taken with our trusty i-phones. Please don’t use any without our permission.

So yeah, that is what we have been up to. Fair enough to say we have been pretty busy! Now for some exciting news! We have a project this April. A wedding project.For once, someone understands the PURPOSE of the Unreal Bride! Ooooh! It’s going to be so fun. We shall tell you about it soon.Got to make you wait for something now, don’t we??

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