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April 10, 2013

Creating a flutter with your wedding cards

I remember back when we started The Unreal Bride, the wedding blog scene or rather the wedding scene online was rather non existent. There was enough content on European or US wedding blogs but hardly any pertaining to the Indian wedding scene. I am happy to say that today it has changed . The seams of the online community are bursting with brand new wedding websites and blogs and photographers and other creatives. Bursting. Very different from two years ago.

Today, we don’t have to look very far for great options related to the wedding industry. Especially the wedding invitation industry which is so over saturated with the same thing, the most important thing being the blingiest and the biggest. I don’t care how many thousands you might’ve spent on your invitation, an ugly card is ugly .Doesn’t matter if its worth two rupees or two thousand rupees. Remember, it’s all about personalisation and the effort you put into it. And , ofcourse the quality matters. So dont think you if you have a great vision, you can get away by spending half the price . Your vision isn’t going to become the reality. It takes real talent to do that.

My favourite invitation from last year has to be the one where I know a lot of effort was put in- both from the bride’s side as well as the card people’s side. I was so excited to open the card when I got it, it almost felt like a present. What lies inside?! Beauty, of course. And colours. And a bird. Totally worth the wait.

This wonderful invitation suite was designed by the girls over at createAflutter  . I can’t remember if we have ever mentioned them before but they are amazingly talented and I am proud to say they work right out of good ol’Chandigarh!

Annnnnd, if the cards weren’t enough , the little bottles of deliciousness that came with them were equally exciting. I love little bottles. I love jam. So obviously I love little bottles of jam! The flavours were totally unique (and alcoholic!) -made by The Gourmet Jar  (based in Noida).




What will this new wedding season bring us? Can’t be as shocking as the UFO I saw last wedding season. Oh yes,I saw a UFO with a groom in it. Why would I lie!?! I hope things are as exciting this season!

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