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June 30, 2013

Timeless Today -a photo series and the results of the giveaway!!!

There is this picture of my Grandmum- she must be about eighteen years old. It’s a plain and simple profile shot but it says so much about the time it was taken, about her…it’s exactly what it is meant to be – timeless. I am sure we all have similar photos of our grandparents / parents/uncles/aunts taken at various stages of their lives and not only at their weddings . Looking through these photos is what inspired us to do this shoot. We think everyone should get photos taken of themselves at different stages just as a reminder to ourselves and just a way to record time and change.And perhaps for our children and their children and their children. We are never going to be as young as we are today (never miss an opportunity to throw in a cliche !) .And no matter what you say, that pouty face selfie with your dark glasses on that  you took with your iPhone just isn’t going to cut it 30 years from now.

There is this great project that celebrates exactly these photographs and memories- The Indian Memory Project.

Our lovely friend, Kudrat , is the first to be featured in this series. How gorgeous is she?

The Team-

The one with the idea- April Sher Bhaika

The one with the make up and hair styling skills – Rabia Mehra (check out her facebook page here)

The one with the beauty – Kudrat Kahlon

The one with the camera- Kismet Jewell Nakai

If you want to have photographs like this taken , write to us at and set up a date with us!

Did you think for one second that maybe I had forgotten about the giveaway??? How could I have!! Impossible! We want to thank the lovely CreateAflutter girls for doing this us and we really are looking forward to doing more projects with them! Also, all the people who participated in the giveaway-thank you!! I wish we could giveaway presents to ALL of you but what to do?

We use to randomly select a winner (totally unbiased and computer generated results).

And the winner isssssssss……

*** PRINCESS T ***

Congratulations Princess T- we know how desperately you wanted to win-I guess your prayers did come true!! Get in touch with us and we will have the cards delivered to you! YAYYY!

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 1.02.10 PM

Till next time folks!! xx

June 22, 2013

Creating a Flutter with another Giveaway 

Once upon a time, in wedding land; all things weddings from the invitation cards, to outfits, to decor  fit a mould. It was simply because the inspiration out there was limited- a single wedding magazine, a few ads here and there, one specific wedding invitation shop every one went to … you get the point. Then once upon a time became a thing meant only for fairytales. Enter the phase of wedding blogs, pinterest , oodles of wedding magazines, inspiration and ideas coming out of our ears and noses ,but best of all are the independent and young entrepreneurs entering the industry. People who understand what a bride of today needs (and wants), who do things differently and so beautifully! Wedding planners, photographers, make up artists, invitation designers, stylists all have a different meaning in todays wedding day and age. They mean something if not a lot of what your wedding will be like!

That brings me to today’s post .We are having yet another giveaway and this time we are collaborating with the totally cool girls from Create-A-Flutter. They are the super talented duo who make the most beautiful wedding invitation suites and other yummy stationery. We have spoken about them endlessly here  but we hadn’t really met them till a few weeks ago! Together, we came up with so many ideas and can’t wait to make them a reality.To start with ,we decided to have a giveaway when we hit 5000 likes on facebook. That happened when we weren’t looking so this is a slightly delayed post !!! Expect the unexpected.

It really isn’t about the number of followers of fans we have (though we totally love it when we get more and more people who like our page!) , it’s about all of you who enjoy what we do and say and the endless support we get. I can’t count the number of times someone has come to me at the most unexpected place and said,’Are you the Unreal Bride? We LOVE your page!’ . It leaves me speechless.A giveaway is the only way I know how to thank you all for reading our blog, hiring us for all the projects we have been lucky to be a part of and in general just to say we totally love you guys !

Check out some of Create A flutters work from cute invitations, greeting cards, baby announcements,baby shower invitations and wedding invitations-they do it all!!!Design 2 DSC_0064

image (3)

image (7)

image (14)

Reema Baroda

So what’s the giveaway? This totally adorable set of 4 greeting cards-

image (33)

What’s not to love ??

Entering the giveaway is easy. Follow these simple steps-

1. Go like Create A Flutters facebook page here  and make sure you leave a message on their wall telling them The Unreal Bride sent you there 🙂

2. Leave a comment under this post telling us how badly you want to win this giveaway !!

3. Tweet about it!

4. For extra points go check out Kismet’s photography page 😛

Your entry will be counted once when you leave a comment under this post. We will randomly select a name like we have done in earlier giveaways! The giveaway ends on Sunday, the 30th of June, 2013. So don’t waste any time !!!

Good luck and we will be announcing some fun new projects we will be doing with Create A Flutter very soon!

June 4, 2013

Photo Booth : Bollywood ishtyle !

The year was 2012. The month June. The place-Bombay. Theme for the photo booth- well BOLLYWOOD of course!

Armed with a word cloud/ typographic (is that correct?) backdrop and 1000000 sequins that we stuck on the backdrop (with some Bollywood type help),a prop bag, camera bag, lights and the kitchen sink (almost) we braved the crazy rains that Bombay calls monsoon,set up the photo booth, suffered from some some technical glitches, nearly died of an anxiety attack, improvised and partially solved the problem, participated in the madness of the coolest Bollywood party we’ve been to (seriously everyone was fully dressed to theme),packed up and travelled the streets at 2am in auto to get back home ….. This is the story of our Bollywood photo booth adventures. Pretty meh! eh? Yeah,right!

Now, look at some of the photos from the booth and spot your favourite movie characters if you can!Don’t be fooled-it’s fancy dress! But pretty cool,right?


2013-06-04_0005 2013-06-04_0006 2013-06-04_0007 2013-06-04_0008 2013-06-04_00092013-06-04_0002 No prizes for guessing who got the prize for best costume!!2013-06-04_0004You know us-we can’t resist a few selfies !!

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