Frequently (and secretly) Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

What is The Unreal Bride all about?

The Unreal Bride gives you an opportunity to get some awesome photographs styled and taken by us. Read more about us here.

Do you guys just like blogging or is this a business as well?

With the amount of work that goes into all of this – it’s definitely a business but yes, we LOVE blogging!

So, what kind of photographs do you take?

Engagement shoots, Just-in-love photo sessions, bridal showers, pre-bridal sessions, anniversary shoots- one year or fifty years down the road!, baby showers, new born photo shoots or even if you just want some pretty pictures of yourself- all conceptualized, styled, and photographed by us.

Uhmm, why do we need a stylist?

Not that we don’t trust your judgement when it comes to your personal style- but,for a  photograph you are going to look at years from now- we think some planning needs to  go into what you are wearing!

A stylist chooses your outfits, puts them together-basically makes you look fabulous! Also, she scouts the locations, sources props and costumes especially for the themed photo-shoots and makes sure everything runs smooth and looks perfect during the session! Quite a mutli-tasker- don’t you think!

Why have you called yourselves The Unreal Bride?

An unreal bride would mean someone who wants to break free of the norm and stand out from the rest of the wedded masses!

We like to believe that we think out of the box, as do the people we connect with! And that, is pretty uncommon and unreal!


Is that ALL The Unreal Bride is about?

Ofcourse not! We have big ideas and big plans to become the ultimate  wedding resource network where you can come for all sorts of inspiration, ideas,vendors .

Oh cool! What kind of inspiration?

Stuff like décor ideas, themes for your wedding or pre-parties (bridal shower, mehendi, sangeet etc) , putting your outfits together, DIY projects, hairstyles, make- up and loads more!

Who are these vendors you speak of?

We will feature the best creative minds in the wedding industry in and around your city, nation-wide and even world wide .
These may be wedding planners, printers, designers, stylists, photographers, caterers, florists…the list just goes on and on….

How big a hole will The Unreal Bride burn in my pocket for                            these gorgeous  photographs?

Don’t you worry! We promise to  give you your money’s worth – refer to our Price & Packages page here for more details.


Will you guys travel to where I am ?

But,ofcourse! We are happy to travel anytime, anyplace.


I think I have made up my mind about hiring you guys, but I still have a few questions. How can I get in touch with you?

No problem!!! You can contact either April or Kismet via e-mail at or call us on this number-+91 9780-618-619 or  +91 9872-135-578.



25 Responses to “Frequently (and secretly) Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)”

  1. Loving your concept. All the best to you.

  2. Do u cover entire wedding functions?
    Or in other words can the unreal bride be a substitute to the profession photographers we normally hire for weddings.. if yes , please email me the price and packages for the same..

  3. hey.. your pricing page is not workin. can you please mail me ur pricing details at

  4. Hello, Thanks for the efforts to make this !!!. i really like your writing very a lot!!. your blog is very much innovative and much helpful.i will use it in future. i believe that you should publish more about this subject .This is a very good article. As far as I’ve read several articles. Many thanks!!!. must admit that you are one of the coolest bloggers .

  5. Hii…some very awesome clicks u have in ur blog…very nice concept..
    ..plz mail me ur pricing list for my reference @….Thanks… 🙂

  6. hey.. your pricing page is not workin. can you please mail me ur pricing details at

  7. hi ur price and package page does not respond

  8. Where are you guys based out of? Can you please e-mail me your pricing details on Thanks.

  9. Hi m a designer based in chandigarh. Would love t know what is it all about in detail. My no is 9872470080. My studio is in sec9 pkl.

  10. I just learned about your blog a few weeks ago and have enjoyed many of the posts and lovely photos!

  11. Hi
    I was wondering where is the Blush clothing boutique located?

  12. Hey, the only section of the website which does not work is the pricing one 😛 Could you send me over the money matters @.

    PS: I am getting married in Oct’11 at Chandigarh.

  13. Hi, love the website and the pictures. Could you please send me your price list as soon as possible, the website shows an error each time I click on the link – my email is


  14. I am planning to get married in the coming February in jammu…can you please send me your pricing and packages list as i am not being able to open the page id is “”..plz send as soon as possible.

  15. Hi Kismet and April 🙂
    you guys rock! I have the same request :/ can you please email the pricing packages? please please do it asap!

  16. Hi April/Kismet,

    I really like ur photography ! Very ecstatic 🙂 ! *thumbs up*

    Well, i couldnt locate your page for your pricing module.. :-/ *some error*

    Do u mind sending it across for my reference on my email id.. ! I have some plans and i would adjust them accordingly 🙂

    great job guys! Thank God people like you exist 🙂 🙂 who understand art !


  17. i wanted to know the rationale of having a website thats not serving any purpose……u guys are basically picking ideas from various other sources and not really adding any value..merely referencing the source does not let u scott free of plagiarism…..u guys need to have some substance in your service…..i just feel its an absolutely frivolous attempt….grow up guys…ure taking the market to be very naive…..

    • We write this blog because we enjoy it as do our readers.Plagiarism refers to the practice of stealing another individuals content or material without giving due credit which is clearly not the case here so we’d like it if you would kindly refrain from calling us names. If this blog does not serve any purpose to you – you are welcome to ignore our existence and find someone else who meets your requirement! Thanks for stopping by!

  18. i simply love your blog !!!

    i have also seen kismet’s blog … not so routine !!!! !!! love it !!!!!

  19. yes i think its possible to customize your layout will try when im at yours


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