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October 22, 2010

GlamGirls Night Out-I

Not too long ago, most weddings in India were traditionally conducted occasions where the focus was not really on the bride and groom, but ceremony and custom instead.

All of that is fast changing now, as friends of the couple are more and more involved and youth centric events like bachelor and bachelorette parties and pre parties kick start the merrymaking and festivities much before the actual wedding starts!

This post is all about the glamourous young Indian bride on a night out partying. At such an event, you’d most likely see the bride to be in a cocktail dress OR a traditional outfit. We decided to merge both design sensibilities and put her in a luxurious silk dress in a western style; accessorized with traditional Indian BLING!

Our model,(henceforth referred to as GlamGirl) had to run away to Italy the very next day but was super enthusiastic about being an Unreal Bride. So, we spent the entire day dressing her up and taking hundreds of photos.  We already showed you a glimpse of what was happening Behind the Scenes and are happy to finally share the finished post!

GlamGirl is decked out in a firey orange silk dress by Karen Millen. The uncut diamond necklace , earrings and elephant head bracelet are from Talwar Jewellers; who very kindly let us borrow some bling from their treasure chest of a store, which you can check out here.

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