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October 9, 2014

Design Recipes: Keeping your memories fresh and delicious!

Do you ever get the urge to sit down and flip through photos from your latest holiday or from your wedding ? But alas, you only have the option to scroll through some images on your iPad or computer or phone or whatever? We know the feeling. Printing photos has become such a thing of the past and actually sitting down to design an album is no easy business. Ask me . Almost three years since we got married and I STILL don’t have a wedding album!

This is where I get to introduce Gurleen , the star behind Design Recipes- she takes your photos and ideas and creates the loveliest photo books for you. Just so simple! They are classy, good quality and you know a lot of time and effort has gone in to making them.

If you are in Chandigarh on the 18th & 19th of October , you can find Design Recipes stall at the awesome Vanity Fair in Whispering Willows, Zirakpur. (You can also find all sorts of other goodies there so maybe you just need to make a trip here that weekend! )
AC_0062 AC_0060 AC_0059 AC_0061 AC_0063Thank you Gurleen for the two sample albums you made for me using photographs taken by me ! 

July 24, 2014

If you’re happy and you know it: twirl !!  


You know you have a happy bride on your hands, if all they want to do is twirl! And, why not? It is their  day after all!

Hope you all are having a beautiful week x

MansiSee more photos here : Kismet Jewell Nakai Photography


December 2, 2013

What’s in your Ketchup?

Ketchup is back! This time with their very new collection which is perfect for the winter. We have basically hijacked this collection and Ketchup might have to personally come and take them back from us!

Each time we shoot these bags, it starts off as a challenge- WHAT should we do so it’s different? So so hard.Then it comes to us in a flash and we know exactly what we need to do. (Okay, there might have been one shoot before this where we tried to do something else but failed miserably!)

So, do you have a ketchup bag? What’s in it? Send us a picture!!






Photos and Styling by The Unreal Bride

P.S. Have you seen Kismet’s new photography website? Take a look and tell us what you think -

October 26, 2011

Festival of Lights

I can still hear my Gran singing this song she wrote for Diwali like she was standing next to me and singing , ‘Diwali Diwali, festival of lights….Candles burn, tops spin round….’

Have a wonderful Diwali everyone and remember say NO to fire-crackers. They are wasteful, encourage child labour and all the dogs really suffer!


Photos by Kismet

**Happy Diwali!**

August 15, 2011

Happy Independence Day, India !

Today is the day we walk around with our chests puffed up and feeling oh! so proud that we are an independent country ,progressing slowly and steadily to the day when we will overtake everyone else! Just you wait, Mr Higgins, just you wait!  (I like quoting My Fair Lady so don’t judge alright!)

I started my search on Pinterest as usual, for a nice image to use for a post and then I realised I have the PERFECT image for Independence Day. It is everything India is- colourful, beautiful, and happy! Oh! and not to mention, the colours are perfect- saffron, white and green which are the colours of our flag!

Taken in the Jodhpur district, in Rajasthan by moi! You like?

You are mistaken if you thought I would neglect Pinterest.It found me the MOST amazing map of India. You can understand India’s diversity through many things- languages, climate, flora, fauna and all that but most importantly, you can understand how diverse it is through our FOOD! This map is perfect and am even more stoked it mentions Chandigarh for butter chicken and tandoori chicken! YEAH!! Just another reason why India is beyond fabulous.

Via (Click on the image to see it full size!)

Happy Birthday, India! Fools are the ones who don’t understand how cool you are! We love ya!

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