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September 15, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: Literally just some thoughts.

Haleeoo dear friends! I realise I just fell off the planet and didn’t post for like a week? or more? I am not sure! No, I didn’t take a vacation -I was very much around but I think I needed a breather. When you have lots of things to think about with a little bit of procrastination-it makes for a mean recipe! It IS wedding season though so you might not be seeing as many posts as usual but I will try and keep it going as best as I can.

The last week has been an interesting one and instead of trying to explain it all, I will just leave you with some words of wisdom found via Pinterest and a few other sites (which were probably linked with Pinterest in the first place).

First and foremost- the most important lesson I have learnt this week is…

And if you don’t follow that instinct and have to deal with a not so nice situation, drown yourself in some nice music and find your doggy to give you a cuddle.



The choice is yours at the end of the day. So, what will you pick??


How could I not have a ‘keep calm’ poster to end this post with!Got to keep reminding myself to stay calm!


Actually the last thought is- Dance Dance Dance!

[vimeo 1857259]

Hope the rest of your week is awesome!!!

September 8, 2011

Thursday Purseday: One for you and one for me….

Most of my bags have no inner pockets- I don’t know why that is- but it gets really inconvenient. Because of that, I end up carrying all my stuff in all sorts of pouches- one pouch for change, one for my meds, one for all the rest of the stuff floating around in my bag. Essentially, a bag full of pouches. You can see why I love these little beauties!

Via size too small

These pouches come in a whole lot of sizes which you can find on Renees Etsy shop here.

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September 1, 2011

Thursday Purseday: Super Sac

You got to keep things practical but you also got to keep it stylish at the same time! Here we have that practicality and styling in one bag- over the shoulder, or across the body or even as a clutch- this bag will go with everything!

Via See Vivier

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August 18, 2011

Thursday Purseday: Clutch me right.

Here’s wishing our lovely friends at Ketchup good luck for the Lakme Fashion Week- they are going to rock it, I’m sure! You probably remember Ketchup from our Monsoon Bride photoshoot but if you haven’t seen it yet- go and check it out!
 Photo:Kismet Jewell Nakai

This reversible clutch with the metallic studs is by far my favourite bag from the entire collection.And the colour! LOVE it!

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August 12, 2011

Thursday Purseday: Even though its a Friday!

I totally thought it was Thursday today!!! It happens to the best of us sometimes. I still thought I must have a purseday for this week so here it is-how very classy and businesslike is this bag! \

Via Madewell

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