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October 4, 2011

Media Love ❤ ❤ Marie Claire Feature 

Reason number two gazillion and one why I love twitter-the amazing AMAZING connections and opportunities it presents! That’s pretty much how we ended up being featured in Marie Claire! Pretty cool, huh? We are pretty psyched!

I think Sam is our favouritest bride of all time- and I am glad its her photo that was selected for this issue. Don’t know Sam yet? Check her wedding out here on the blog and it was even featured on one of my favourite blogs-Bridal Musings here so you should check that out as well!

I added a bit of my own ‘artwork’ to the article in case you missed the write up about us. Sidenote: My photo taking skills are WAY better than my design skills. So , dont judge! Thanks !!

It’s extra cool since we are in the company of some really cool people in this article- a fellow photographer , Priyanka(Sachar) and the fabulous wedding planner, Candice. Thanks again Vivani for this awesome feature!

I can’t wait to get my hands on an actual physical copy of the magazine-it still hasn’t reached the stands in Chandigarh yet.Yay!Great start to what is the beginning of wedding season for us. Have a good week, everyone!

Thank you  Marie Claire India.

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