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July 1, 2011

Real Wedding N&A Part III

What do we have in store for you this Friday? The final installment from the N&A wedding. If you have missed the earlier posts , here is Part I and Part II.

Since the wedding ceremony was at ten am, the day started bright and early .Despite the late night and long looong day the bride had had, she was shining and radiant as ever! The bride kept her make-up very natural and simple, and the painted design of red and white dots right above her eyebrows was a great addition!


Before the bride took off to the gurudwara for the ceremony, I managed to get some shots of her outside where in the natural light, the colour of her outfit really looked great. She wore a lehenga by Ritu Kumar who is known for her contribution to the haute couture fashion of India bridal wear.On a side note, I am a pretty big fan of the Ritu Kumar ad campaigns especially when they have Prabuddhadas Gupta as their photographer!

The wedding was in a gurudwara where the groom arrived in full force with lots of music and dancing and ofcourse, a horse 🙂 The ceremony was short and sweet and after, the entire wedding party proceeded back to the fabulous farm to celebrate.

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June 8, 2011

{ Real Wedding } N&A Part I

You might think this is a picture of jalebis – those yummy sugary deep fried treats that taste so perfect with a cup of tea or on a rainy day. But I am going to allow my imagination to run wild. To me it is some ancient script which all the priests read from in their sing song nasal voices . It could very well be that because I never ever got a word of what those priests are saying anyway! But, that’s just me and yes, those ARE jalebis. I would eat them all the time if they weren’t so sweet and oily and uhmm, dare I say it, unhealthy! The only time I would sneak one would be at a wedding which is exactly where I took this picture.

This wedding should’ve been posted a few months ago but since my favourite thing to do is to not do, it has taken me 4 months to post it. To be honest, I didn’t know where to start with this wedding, the decor, the clothes, the bride or the ceremony?! That’s the thing with Indian weddings- they are so intricate and carry on for a couple of days so you come away with so many photographs and I want to share them all but that isn’t possible, right?

After mulling over it,I finally decided I will show you some of the decor – and tease you before I show you the bride and groom! There were two days of celebration and they took place in the bride’s gorgeous farm house


The mehendi ceremony happened under a beautiful canopy decorated by pink and green cloth , strings of flowers and kaleeras hanging off the roof like little chandeliers!

Fuchsia pink and bright green(I am not great with colour names so if I have got them wrong-go ahead and correct me!) were the colours of the day and right from the tent to the chairs to the cushions were all draped in these colours. Though these are super bright colours and you could go quite wrong with them, they were in just right the doses and on that bright wintery morning, nothing would’ve looked better! I loved how they used the marigold flowers – very unusual and it was the first time I have seen them being used like this.

Can you spot the bride getting her mehendi done? She moved to the main tent area to be closer to the rest of the party.

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