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April 20, 2011

Reel Wedding: Neha on NDTV

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We love LOVE Bombay (some say Mumbai!) so when we got to go over there to do a photo shoot earlier this month-the excitement in the unreal office was hard to hide! You will have to try and understand all the layers of excitement to actually feel what we were feeling! The trip meant- an exciting photo shoot (obviously), the Unreal Bride’s first work trip, national television, great advertising, meeting my favourite six month old, hanging with the family and of course, getting a whiff of the city’s lovely fishy air!

We quickly finished off a project we were working on (more on that later!), realising suddenly we  had less than a day to get everything together. In a mad rush, we packed all the props and ideas we would need for the shoot , made a list of what we wanted to do (we surprise ourselves with how organised we can be if we want to) and before we knew it, we were on a flight to Bombay.

As most of you already know, the bridal shoot we did got featured on Valley & Co’s blog a week or so ago which just added to all the excitement that has been synonymous with this whole experience! Got to love Aleah and Nick for featuring us- thanks again guys 🙂 We have some more photos to show you here in addition to the ones that have been featured on their blog,so don’t go away thinking you have already seen all of them before!!!! I am stealing some of the text from that post though – just so you get an idea of the day we spent on the sets of the show.

What show , you ask? Band Baaja Bride.

A fairly popular show here in India. We only discovered how popular it was when April got asked by a random Aunty in Delhi if she had been on TV. Yes, our five minutes of stardom have definitely paid off !

If you have read the post on Valley&Co’s blog then you have read all the italicised bit before, but if you haven’t then you can read all about it here!

This is what happened- there is a show ‘Band Baaja Bride’ (that translates loosely to the fan fare and music that is associated with all Indian Weddings) that runs on one of the better-known channels here in India. It’s a make-over show for a bride who wants to look extra glam on their wedding day. The girls send in their entries, if they get chosen – the channel dresses them up in the prettiest designer lehengas, spoils them silly with all sorts of spa sessions and things, with expert make up artists – basically the works! And then follows them through their wedding day in all their fabulousness. Reality TV comes to weddings, in a nutshell!

This particular bride was getting married in the US and wanted some help with DIY tips for make up and how to deal with all the stress since she wouldn’t have a lot of help there. The Band Baaja Bride team decided to help her out- give her her outfit, have a make up artist show her some easy make up tips and hair styles which she would be able to do on her own.

Since they wouldn’t be able to be their on her wedding day, they wanted her to give her something ‘special’ and that’s where we came in. They called us asking if we would like to do a photo shoot with her and that’s the part where we started this post off- many levels of excitement etc etc.

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