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July 29, 2011

Friday Fun: Simply Punjabi {That’s Us!!!}

I guess one of life’s little lessons is to learn to laugh things out especially when something doesn’t go your way or when it is far from what you expected it to be! The other thing is to learn to laugh at yourself. Especially those photos (and telly moments) when you look at yourself and think, “Wow! Do I really look (talk) like that?” . Yes, those are the times you should laugh at yourself and be thankful you were wearing a humongous flower on your head to distract your reader’s attention!

We are so humbled by the amount of media attention we have been getting and really it is great for business but this is one of those times where we kind of just sat back and laughed- at ourselves mostly! The other time is when we were featured on NDTV (Remember NDTV Neha?) – it was a great experience but Oh.My.God. were we ever so awkward on telly?! You will get to see that too.When the time is right.

Moving on to this little feature in India Today’s supplement- Simply Punjabi, it was about women who work out of their homes etc etc. It’s a sweet article and we got featured alongside some cool people but I HAVE to point out –

  • My name is spelt with an ‘E’ – KismEt and not KismAt. In my books, that is the worse thing you can do to me. (yes, I am VERY touchy about it!)
  • ‘Memorable Clicks’ . Uhm, really?
  • No, April and I do not live together . It’s not surprising that it has been mentioned as ‘our’ home considering we have been invited to weddings as a couple!! Forget that both of us have boyfriends!
  • Last of all, let me clarify- one part of the Unreal Bride is all about Bridal Sessions and another part is about Wedding photography. There are other parts too but I wont get into that now!
  • Oh, the last last of all- thanks to one of our readers who pointed out we have been tagged incorrectly- April is on the RIGHT and I am on the left!
I am aware that after this maybe no one will ever write an article about us again but sometimes you just have to say what you have to say, right? We really enjoyed the article and it really brightened up our day and are looking forward to all the inquiries we will get after ALL of Punjab reads this!
Have a good weekend!!!
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