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August 18, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: Invitations for a Goan wedding !

I have very rarely come across really bright and bold invitation suites in India. I’ve noticed we stick to a lot of whites and creams with gold and silver. I am sure there are people who have used brighter colours, I am just saying I haven’t come across many so it was a real treat to get this submission from 3 Bees Paperie. I believe this is our very first submission so it is kind of exciting and I have realised it’s about time we put a place where people can send in submissions! Got a few other plans and changes in store for the Unreal Bride – have to say it can be too much to handle some times (in a good way!).


From 3 Bees Paperie-

Bride Priyanka and groom Harikrishna wanted a modern invitation suite for their beach destination wedding in Goa, India. The finished stationery depicted lotus leaves and hanging lanterns in royal blue, yellow and blush pink. The two events inserts were printed double sided and sits in a folder, graced with Ganesha on the flap.  Printed on textured felt paper, this pretty invitation suite  was printed using digital offset technology. 

The photos of the card were shot by photographer Mariliana Arvelo

3 Bees Paperie is a wedding and social event stationery company that provides high quality and eco-friendly paper with contemporary, South Asian inspired designs. The company aims to provide unique inspirations for life’s celebrations through its three collections: Couture Weddings, ready-to-order wedding stationery; Baby Bees, ready-to-order baby announcements; and Made for You, for custom stationery. For more information, visit

So what do you say? Since Indian weddings are all about bright colours, do you think you would want your invitations to match or would you go in for something more subtle?

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July 21, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: Blushing Bride 

Eeeps! It’s July already! That’s like only a few months away from wedding season! In a couple of months, the weddings will begin- your cousins, friends, parent’s friends daughters, the neighbours son- everyone has decided to get married this season! And, horror of horrors- you haven’t even begun to get your outfits sorted out ! There is no way you can attend any of these weddings wearing what you wore last year (unless you are me ofcourse 😛 ) so it’s time to get cracking and get some new outfits ready.

The thing is, there are so many boutiques out there – how do you know where to go and who to get in touch with. That’s where we hope to help you out a bit! Meet Nidhi, a young designer from Chandigarh (I’m telling you our little city is oozing with some serious talent!)- she started Blush Clothing last year and we are really happy to have her on the blog today. Nidhi’s style is giving the clothes a vintage feel but in all, it actually is very modern and is in sync with all the latest fashion trends. She creates the clothes according to how it would reflect your personality and I think adding that individualistic touch to each outfit is what makes it all the more special.

Blush Clothing doesn’t restrict itself to just Indian wear, it also has a section where you can find dresses, gowns and even just shirts for everyday wear.

If I were you, I wouldn’t sit around waiting for more days to pass, I would rush over to Nidhi’s boutique and get her to make me all the outfits I need for the hundreds of weddings that need to be attended before she gets busy and has no time ! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Designer : Nidhi Bajaj

Photographer : Shikha Sharma

Model : Anna Sui

May 5, 2011

Thursday Thoughts : All Things Pretty

Planning your wedding is a mammoth task. Mammoth enough to forget everything else in the process. Certain things you are allowed to forget , like a friends birthday or perhaps the fact that you have a huge presentation at work a week after your wedding. These things can be thrown into the deep dark recesses of your mind till it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to think of them again. Ofcourse, not promising it won’t have it’s consequences- you may lose a  friend or two, or even a job. But hey, getting married is worth it. Right? Like I was saying, certain things can be ignored but it’s kind of important to think about your new living situation after you get married. Maybe you already live together, or you are moving into his house or he’s moving into yours and MAYBE you have to move into your inlaws ! Either which way, it’s a new living situation and you should pay some attention to it! No fun moving into a drab boy’s apartment with car posters stuck over the bathroom window instead of the pretty floral (with butterflies ) curtain that you had in your old place. My advice: dedicate a good part of your day thinking about your new pad and how you want to do it up.

That’s where Ayesha fits in! Ayesha has a business called ALL THINGS PRETTY ,which focuses mainly on decorative cushions and table linen.

Velvet cushion covers with golden buti work

She is looking at expanding more aggressively into table linen, bed linen, soon. She does what I think is the clever thing by having multiple exhibitions all over North India where she can reach out to more people and expand her market.

What inspired Ayesha to start All Things Pretty? A simple shopping trip when she was setting up her apartment two years ago!! You never know when an idea can hit you , right? It’s pretty amazing how she actually worked on that little idea and now has huge plans of a one stop shop for home decor.

Her range of cushions is quite vast – ranging from Indian motifs, to English country inspired prints and some funky graphic designs! Something for everybody- depending on how you plan on setting your home up.

Chiffon and Georgette cushions with lining inside

She plans to maybe expand and be more of a part of the wedding business scene by providing cushions and bolsters for mehendi’s and sangeets. I sense a bit of trepidation on her part but I think it is a fabulous idea and once she has orders pouring in , she won’t have an opportunity to say no!

Incidentally, our little stint on telly which we told you about here probably was because of Ayesha and her support for The  Unreal Bride ! So thank you for that Ayesha – we hope you get loads and loads of business and we can’t wait to see your home store when it is up and running!

You can find some of Ayesha’s products being retailed at ZAZA home in Zamrudpur, New Delhi and Vanity Box in our own lovely town of Chandigarh !

If you want more information- call her at  +91-9810330205  or send her an email here- 

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December 8, 2010

Maya: Paint, Paper, Perfection 

In a little town like ours where people are constantly complaining about lack of things to do and of boredom, its awesome to find someone who is actually being productive and making good use of their time (between work and other ‘domestic’ things) . This is where I introduce Maya- not only the artist featured in this post but also a very busy lady working on disability related projects as well as a really cool fine art photographer (Yes, Maya I just categorised you).

I always knew Maya was really creative and artistic, but in all the madness of growing up (I’ve only known her forever)- it went unnoticed. Till we -Maya,Simar and I created our own photography blog called the Three Sides and I saw how artistically inclined Maya really was- right from her photographs to the cards that she had been making in her spare time.

{Sidenote: The  Three Sides are particularly fond of doughnuts and when we all were around the age of ten, we tried very hard to make doughnuts and those were very VERY far away from beautiful, so it was nice to see that we could make other pretty things like photographs.The never-ending doughnuts were just the beginning of something else.But that’s another story.}

Right! The first set of cards I saw had these dragonflies made on them and I LOVED them- so I asked if we could feature her on the blog .


She quickly whipped up some wedding related cards like ‘tie the knot’ and ‘save the date’ cards .

I am going to ignore the initials she has used on them! At least I feel like I inspired her on some level!



These cards make me happy because they remind me of the beach (and perfect to send out as save-the-dates for a beach wedding!)


Or how about for a garden wedding? Or a bridal shower? These are PERFECT!


Butterflies just make me happy!!



Nice stuff, right? Want to get in touch with Maya? Send us an email at and we will happily put you in touch with her. These are some of her designs (she just told me she has some new ones which we will feature at a later time) but she is happy to incorporate any of your ideas into the cards as well. Oh, and most (if not all?) of the cards are made on handmade paper!




This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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November 13, 2010

Sukh Sukhiyaan : boldly going where no shagan box has gone before 

Rehat Brar, a young entrepreneur working out of our very own Chandiville, has a strong background in art and design and is a graduate of the Government College of Art in Sector 10.

Inspired by old photographs and her love for weddings, she decided to apply her design skills to create custom designed shagan, trousseau and gift packaging.

A new venture for her, Sukh Sukhiyaan is barely a few months old but Rehat is already swamped with orders!

At her workshop, she strives to meet the specifications of every client and although she has samples of themes and colours ready – every order is custom made and unique.

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