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February 10, 2012

Photobooth : R+R 

It’s raining photo-booths!! Not that we are complaining! Photo booths give us the perfect opportunity to expand our creativity and improve our ‘controlled’ photography. This year (by which I mean 2011)has been just such a photo boothy kind of year and not one has been the same. I am rather pleased that people put so much thought into their photo booth and it isn’t just another add-on at a wedding/party/event. The things you can do are endless and the fun to be had in a photo booth is incomparable.

This was an extra special photo booth since it was for a very dear friends engagement party . It’s nice to be appreciated by your friends for the work you do and when they treat you like professionals, you can’t help but think that maybe you are doing something (very) right.

The theme was to keep it minimal-white and gold. We had been dying to use these paper flowers seen all over Pinterest (of course) – they are so delicious looking – and this seemed the perfect opportunity. Though the flowers are YUMMY in all these colours, we decided to stick to white (since that was the theme) and to add some gold to it.

Pinned Image

Via Pinterest, originally from here

I had shown April these flowers as an example and actually had no idea how to make them-I am challenged in that sense but thankfully she isn’t ! The next day when I went to her house, I saw her living floor was covered in paper, little helpers cutting and folding the paper and these gorgeous white flowers strewn all over! Over the next few days, hundreds of flowers were made and anyone who stopped by helped by folding or opening out a flower. The making of the flower really deserves a post of it’s own which you will have to wait for! {Coming soon : DIY tutorial for making paper flowers }

Here are some photos of the photo booth under construction in April’s home. They were up against a window and the light streaming through the paper flowers just added to the gorgeousness of it all.

Once the flowers were ready, we added some gold cloth to the bottom just to add that splash of colour. It all came together when we set up the backdrop in the little tent at the engagement. As you can see from the photos, the white cloth with the gold print on it went perfectly with the backdrop. We didn’t want too many props since we figured every one would be dressed in their finery which meant loads of colour  and over-doing the props would take away from the minimalistic feel of it all!We couldn’t resist the moustaches on a stick though and even had tiny little chalkboards and colourful frames as part of the prop box!

The lovely couple!

Here are some fun photos from the photo booth!

Check out more of our photo-booths here, here and here!

Photo Booth Styled, Conceptualised and Photographed by The Unreal Bride

FYI, our next post will be something that has been long overdue , a bridal session we had mentioned in this post here and the DIY tutorial on how to make these paper flowers! Forgive us for being so out of it lately- you will know why soon enough! Give us some time and we will be back full swing!

December 24, 2010

Photobooth : {LOVE} Sam & Richie

‘Super excited’ explains perfectly what we felt  when Jessica asked us to cover her cousins ‘before the wedding’ party! Like the perfect customer, she gave us enough time to plan and figure things out which gave us the opportunity to actually make our FIRST photo booth (so many firsts on the blog these days!) ! It is something April and I have spoken about many  a time- the photo booth is the way to go especially at a party where madness is guaranteed! I had to leave for a work trip so April was left to make the back drop (ribbons were what we decided on).  Little did we know that ,it may look pretty to have a ribbon back drop but it is by no means EASY to make ! First, the cost of ribbons (yes! we take for granted these pieces of pretty string things!They COST!) and then actually putting them together to make the back drop. This is where April gets full marks in resourcefulness (she raided her mums boutique and found tonnes of ribbon there), patience (the ribbons were less than half an inch wide), creativity (weaving together the ribbons) and balance (standing on a stool in the bathroom using the shower curtain rod to weave the ribbon curtain)! I’d have given up about two minutes into the process. Alright, I must stop talking about us and talk about the couple but this being our first photo booth experience, I needed to share it with all of you! Clearly, I am sharing too much!

Onto the fabulous couple- Sam and Richie! Sorry Sam, I can’t use your real name- it just doesn’t feel right when I type it 😀 ! The added bonus of being at this party was of course the fact that we know both the bride and the groom quite well and knew what to look forward to. It was an awesome party- with so many friends and family from all over the world, and well so much…LOVE! I will let the photographs speak for themselves!

The bride and the groom! Can you feel the love?!

The necessities: Blackberry, friends and of course family!

What happens when the bride doesn’t weigh much?


The bride got a ‘special’ dance too which we can’t share with you here,unfortunately! You can use your imagination for that !

Away from the photobooth, people danced,ate and DANCED ! Oh, and continued to work the camera!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The fact that this song played in my head the entire time I was processing the photos should come as no surprise to the bride and her friends! Since it was pretty much the only song I heard while taking the photographs as well!


So, what did you think? Did you like the photographs?

We covered the wedding as well, but for those photos you will have to wait a while!

Oh, and Merry Christmas !!

November 25, 2010

Thursday Thoughts : Make every guest a photographer!

Too many photographers spoil the broth? Not always! At a wedding, there are always so many candid moments that flit by unrecorded! Make every guest at your party a photographer by  handing out disposable cameras and letting them take photos as well!

Photo courtesy Love the Schultzes via Postcards and Pretties


ORRR you set up a snap station like this one we saw over on Landlocked Bride . It would mean a little hard work to collect the different kind of cameras and set them up and stuff, or if you are lucky – your Uncle who collects old cameras would love to let you use them on your wedding day and all your problems will be solved! The basic idea is to have a place to keep these cameras where people can go pick them up, take photos and put them back once they are done taking photos. It’s the best way to get candid shots as long as they don’t get in the way of the wedding photographer!

Brides Cafe Via Landlocked Bride

At the end of the evening, once all the cameras are collected and photos printed- in addition to your main wedding album, you’ll also have fun documentation of your guests’ experience at the wedding(read:many drunken photos)!!


*Fresh Ideas Every Thursday!*

October 11, 2012

The {Un}Real Diaries : Saving the best for last…

I don’t really have anymore posts in mind for the {un}real diaries, so like a good cliché loving girl, I have saved the best for last- our photos! Now, a lot of you have probably seen our photos already-they have been posted in quite a few places for which we are grateful and truly never expected! I will try and post stuff you haven’t seen but that might be easier said than done.

Before we get to that though, it is absolutely necessary to speak about our lovely photographers- Carmen & Ingo. It was love at first sight when I found them via Kate’s blog. I spent more time than usual on their blog and even though the wedding was still months away when the time came to decide-there was no question who our photographers would be. I won’t repeat the entire story here but if you want to read about how we connected , you can check it out on Carmen&Ingo’s blog right here. I would strongly suggest you read it- I have said time and again how I love random connections and this is just the perfect story to prove it! I have to say here that there are MANY talented photographers in India- and there a couple of them who I would’ve loved to have cover the wedding. I’m just saying that the choice had nothing to do with the fact that there is a lack of talent in India(I mean that is just NOT possible , is it?),it had to do with the fact that Carmen & Ingo hit the spot directly and instantly. You know that feeling , right? When you just know? It doesn’t happen to me a lot so when it happens once in  a while, I don’t hesitate to follow my instincts. I have quite literally patted myself on the back for following this instinct. A bit modest, I know, but if Carmen&Ingo lived closer , I’d pat THEM on the back. Just got to make do with what we have.

I am going to try posting photos that you haven’t seen before but if you have, what can I say? Look at them again! It’s also to give you a feeling of what the day was like- I love all the photos but I am not sure if posting 500+ photos is acceptable. I just love the way the story unfolds through these magnificent photos.

The most beautiful feet in the world (not!!!)

You know these guys by now surely- Maya whose photos I posted here and of course Rahul of Starving Artist Videos who made our most amazing wedding video here.

A dash of filmi-ness never did anyone any harm!

I love how everyone loses their inhibitions in the fun/photo booth.

That’s us with Ingo & Carmen ♥♥

Doubt if I have to say this but all the photos here are by Carmen & Ingo Photography

Find them on facebook and twitter.

There are a whole lot of photos on Carmen & Ingo’s blog post here-Love & Colour  . I tried not to repeat too many of the photos and you can find the créme de la créme in this post! Once you are done there, head over to Kate’s blog for more here-  Magnolia Rouge . We were lucky to have a third shooter accompany Carmen & Ingo to the wedding. Steffen Bottcher was in India at the same time and took some great photos of the wedding as well which you can check out here on his blog Stilpirat.

As a closing note to this post and to the series, I want to say once more what I have said time and time before- let your wedding photographers be your best (and if necessary,biggest investment) at your wedding even if it means cutting out costs elsewhere. Trust me, no one (probably not even you) will remember the food or who the dj was at the wedding and that doesn’t even matter. What does matter are the emotions, the people, the joy that you felt during those days. The ONLY way you will have access to that 30 years from now will be the photographs. Make sure you get the best. Trust me, you won’t regret it.And, with that we come to the end of the {un}real diaries!

Thank you Carmen & Ingo for being as amazing as you are. x

P.S. If you have missed the earlier editions of The {Un}Real Diaries , you can find start here.

April 15, 2012

Excuses, explanations and some media love.

I don’t even want to think about how many readers we have lost over the months we haven’t been blogging. It hurts to think about it.  Though our stats do say we still have a regular flow of readers, I think it’s probably to check if we have posted something new. Shame on us! Two months of no updates! Shocking!!!

There is a valid reason though! Promise!! No lame excuses here- we have a fully valid reason, which once you hear, you will forgive us for being so quiet.

So you know how most wedding blogs are born when a bride needs a place to put down her ideas, organize her thoughts , look for inspiration? The bride keeps blogging post wedding because it just such a fun and addictive thing to do.Keyword here is ‘most’. Unlike most wedding blogs, The Unreal Bride wasn’t born like that. We wanted to tell people what we do (engagement sessions, bridal photography etc etc) and thought a blog would be the best way to do that. One thing led to another and before we knew it, we were blogging full time with no wedding on the near horizon. Merrily being non- bridal -wedding bloggers. Till one day one of us decided it was time to get married.

What planning an unreal wedding should’ve meant- lots of research(read more time spent on Pinterest), more wedding planning related posts, weekly updates , sharing inspiration, discussing outfits and basically a lot more blogging!!!! What planning an unreal wedding actually meant- absolutely no time to do the above, trying to balance work and wedding planning, using the fiancé as a punching bag, becoming a gardener, fighting everyone and everything that came in the way, denial, lots of last minute drama and of course being the complete bridezilla. If this is not a valid reason enough for being AWOL, I don’t know what is.

I won’t lie-it was the.most.stressful.time in my entire life but, here it is- the big BUT – but, it led up to the most amazing, wonderful and memorable moments in my life. So, I guess it was all worth it. Maybe. No, no !! I jest- it was completely worth it. My heart has never been full of so much love and life as it was during those five days. I intend on sharing the planning phases and the decision-making stages with all of you-step by step. Before I do that though, I just wanted to say we are still here! Alive and ready to get back to being regular bloggers! Do I hear a Yay ?!?

Since no blog post is really complete without some photos in it, I am attaching an article published today in TimesLife talking about our love for Photo booths. I have got to say- being featured in a national paper has quite a different high as compared to being featured in a local paper. The phone hasn’t stopped buzzing today with calls and messages from all over the country- Bombay, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Nagpur are a few examples!!!Got to admit that we are pretty chuffed!  Thank you for the love and we will be back with The Unreal Diaries very soon where you can see where we went right (and wrong) while planning a wedding!

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