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July 7, 2011

Thursday Thoughts:

There are a hundred, no a thousand ways to get creative at your wedding. Maybe that is not an accurate estimate. There are probably a thousand ways to get creative with ONE aspect at your wedding. Take cake toppers for instance which is what this post is going to be about. Even if you stick to just having a bride and groom figurine for the top of your cake, why stick to the norm? Find something different and fun!

Let’s start with the not -s0-unusual cake topper. You have the bride and the groom all dressed up in their wedding finery looking cute.


What happens if the couple isn’t have a white-dress-walking-down-aisle kinda wedding? Or if it is a same sex wedding? No fear- there are cake toppers for that as well.Got pretty excited to see the little Indian couple cake topper!


The next one is my favourite- simple yet cute! I love the little banner! Via

If you are feeling extra creative- these silhouette toppers are pretty cool, don’t you think? People are so clever. It’s a simple idea but I doubt I’d have thought of it!


How about just having a glittery monogram of your initials ? Again, SO SO easy and looks great too!


See what happens if you think out of the box? You miss out on a gazillion brilliant ideas out there! Don’t be boring, do something different !

Oh! and I am not going to lie that Pinterest is where I found these images,but nowadays isn’t that a given? I LOVE Pinterest.

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October 21, 2010

Thursday Thoughts: Photo Booth

The first time I came across a photo booth, or Smile Booth as they call it- was here on The Flash Dance website. It was instant love for me, right from the photography to the music they have on their website especially the playlists which you can download if you want!! But before I deviate (because it’s so easy to get lost in their awesome website)- let’s go back to what we are here for!

So what is this photo-booth business? A good explanation can be seen in the F.A.Q section on the Smilebooth website here.

These photographs are from the Smilebooth section from The Flash Dance.

Basically, it’s a mini studio set up at your wedding where guests can go and take their own photographs and go crazy doing their own thing . It’s a totally different angle to what the photographer who is covering the wedding will get! So, at the end of the wedding – there will be a whole bunch of fun pictures that you wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s a space where your guests aren’t conscious of being watched and can get as creative or crazy as they want. All they have to do is click on the remote button and take as many photos as their heart desires!

These three photos are from Our Labor Of Love’s blog.

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