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September 26, 2013

The Wedding Present Dilemma!

Your best friend is getting married. You need to think of a present. Something meaningful. Something unusual. Something no one  has ever thought of before! Possibly one of the hardest things to do. I don’t know about you guys, but buying birthday presents for friends is something I find to be very challenging. If I am going to give a present, it should mean something otherwise what’s the point? You can just imagine what happens when it’s time to decide on a wedding present! Many of my friends never got one (sorry guys! now you know why!) -I just never found the right thing.

There is loads of inspiration out there -like on Pinterest that should make life easier! Alas, we all are quite familiar with Pinterest fails  so unless we know for sure that we can do it- we are too scared to try it!

Some people are easy to buy presents for because they are certain kind of people, there is no need to second guess what they may/may not like.

They may be hipsters.



They might be coffee loving Via



They may be Breaking Bad kinda people.BBVia

Or the kinds who love all things pretty.heartsVia 

The ‘vintage’ people.TW1



They could just be regular people .


towelsSource unknown (If you know where this photo is from, let me know!)

In the end though, you just want some really really special to give! Last year, The Unreal Bride worked on a special present for one of our cousins wedding. The project was to make a cookbook with the family’s favourite recipes accompanied by some beautiful food photos. We have worked with food before and it’s fun but we really didn’t fathom the enormity of this project. Somehow though, we managed and the book looked fabulous. This post is an introduction to the wedding present project of the year – expect lots of food photos and maybe some recipes if you want! To give you an idea of what I am talking about- this photo shoot we did for Ketchup Bags  was around the time we were shooting for the cookbook!



What is the most creative present you have ever given anyone? Tell us! We would love to know!

January 13, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: Musical sheets

Isn’t there something about sheet music that’s just so pretty and fascinating?! I don’t understand it and don’t know to read it but  still wouldn’t mind staring at it for hours and hours!  The language of music!

{Side note: I dream of covering an entire wall in my room with sheet music but first I need to find some and I don’t know where to go (anyone with contacts for sheet music-let me know!! ) !}

Today is Thursday Thoughts day and we have to admit since the new year, things have been pretty slow at the office- don’t know whether it’s the weather or it’s still being in beach holiday mode, but we have been moving at a snails pace! Same thing with todays Thursday Thoughts -not like we didn’t have time to write, but we utilised it in making some yummy broccoli soup instead! Got to keep the insides warm!

So, with my cup of hot (and pretty delish soup if I can say so myself!) , I was going through the daily news in Twitter land and came across this silhouette and sheet music paddle DIY project on The Knotty Bride’s blog .


It gave me the inspiration I was looking for! Here are some fun ideas of what to do with sheet music !!

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