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September 12, 2014

Stylin’ Part Two : Niharika Khan 

The second stylist we met up at the Treasury of Trousseau in DLF Emporio was Niharika Khan-a costume designer in Bollywood , and is most known for her work in Rock On!! and The Dirty Picture , for which she won the National Film Award for Best Costume Design as well as Filmfare Award for Best Costume Design. Thanks again , Wikipedia! It was a pleasure to catch up with her- unfortunately we didn’t get as much time as we would have liked. Like I mentioned, their schedules were packed  so whatever time we did get , was a bonus!

Moving on to our chat with Niharika.Niharika Khan 1

A&K- What , according to you , are the essentials a bride should have in her trousseau?

NK- A really sexy set of lingerie is a must and everyone should have it. Comfortable shoes to change in especially after the ceremony gets over, a really good looking pair of shoes apart from your wedding shoes. Pocket mirror because one should constantly be in the know of how they look. A great piece of jewellery should also be part of this that you can have forever with you. This may or may not be your wedding jewellery. A perfume is also a must -with so much happening during the wedding one must have easy access to it.

A&K- What is the most common mistake an Indian bride makes?

NK-One mistake Indian brides often make is going over board with their makeup and hair. ( Do you sense a pattern here? Seems like everyone seems to feel the same way.We sure do! Keep it minimal and simple!)

A&K- Do you have any suggestions on how grooms can make their outfits more interesting?

NK-Just stepping out of your comfort zone and by trying something new and different. But make sure you don’t go over board with it. Like I said before one should be comfortable in whatever they wear.

A&K-.And last but not least-should the bride and groom match their outfits to each other?

NK-You know the norm is that you should have similar kind of energy. Your outfits can be synced with each other rather than matching each other.

The one thing that we have picked up from our conversations is that bride’s seem to be overdoing their outfits on their wedding day- and everyone seems to agree with it! If you are wondering what we were doing talking to these different stylists , you can catch up by reading this post and this post.

vidya_balan_wallpaper_in_saree_dirty_picture_bollywood_movieThought it would be fun to add a picture of Vidya Balan, from Dirty Picture, a movie Niharika was costume designer for. Via 

March 22, 2013


For all of those looking out for new posts from us- WE ARE STILL HERE. A combination of work, travel, life and maybe a wee bit of laziness as well has kept us out of the blogging business for a while. We won’t lie- there were moments of ‘Let’s wrap up the Unreal Bride.’ , but we never really did anything about it because clearly we didn’t want to wrap it up! Plans of re-designing the blog, making it more original, fun, different have been floating around for a while and we hope that this time-we will manage to do what we plan to/dream of!


So, where have we been ?? What have we been doing? What are the legit excuses for us being AWOL??

For starters, April has made her way to the big bad (but loveable) city of Delhi to find a full time job-a ‘cool kind of job’. She will always be The Unreal Bride’s stylist but sometimes, you just got to go out there and do some exploring for yourself!  If anyone has any leads for an opening in a fun PR job -let us know and we will be forever grateful. Side note here: I (Kismet) have been nagging April to do what she is innately good at (i.e makeup/styling) as a full time job because I mean, she is bloody brilliant at it and shouldn’t let it go to waste? Remember the Make Up story in the {Un}Real Diaries? Yeah. Exactly.


As for me? I have been busy photographing weddings, trying to get my (personal photography) website up and running and even though there are so many wonderful people out there trying to help me-it just isn’t happening! How can something so simple be so complicated?Don’t get me started on that-I might cry!! I wish I could speak HTML!

I DID get my own facebook page up and running- so go have a looksie -that would be nice! Here is the link- Kismet Jewell Nakai {Photography}



I also attended a couple of great workshops at Gulf Photo Plus this year- David Hobby aka the Strobist’s was totally awesome! Here is a picture of me trying to steal his awesome camera (FujiFilm x100S). I was nice enough and gave it back to him.


Don’t go thinking that the Unreal Bride hasn’t been out there doing some fun things together- like taking some beautiful photos while the weather was beautiful.



 Also attended a ‘few’ weddings-


All photos have been taken with our trusty i-phones. Please don’t use any without our permission.

So yeah, that is what we have been up to. Fair enough to say we have been pretty busy! Now for some exciting news! We have a project this April. A wedding project.For once, someone understands the PURPOSE of the Unreal Bride! Ooooh! It’s going to be so fun. We shall tell you about it soon.Got to make you wait for something now, don’t we??

June 8, 2011

{ Real Wedding } N&A Part I

You might think this is a picture of jalebis – those yummy sugary deep fried treats that taste so perfect with a cup of tea or on a rainy day. But I am going to allow my imagination to run wild. To me it is some ancient script which all the priests read from in their sing song nasal voices . It could very well be that because I never ever got a word of what those priests are saying anyway! But, that’s just me and yes, those ARE jalebis. I would eat them all the time if they weren’t so sweet and oily and uhmm, dare I say it, unhealthy! The only time I would sneak one would be at a wedding which is exactly where I took this picture.

This wedding should’ve been posted a few months ago but since my favourite thing to do is to not do, it has taken me 4 months to post it. To be honest, I didn’t know where to start with this wedding, the decor, the clothes, the bride or the ceremony?! That’s the thing with Indian weddings- they are so intricate and carry on for a couple of days so you come away with so many photographs and I want to share them all but that isn’t possible, right?

After mulling over it,I finally decided I will show you some of the decor – and tease you before I show you the bride and groom! There were two days of celebration and they took place in the bride’s gorgeous farm house


The mehendi ceremony happened under a beautiful canopy decorated by pink and green cloth , strings of flowers and kaleeras hanging off the roof like little chandeliers!

Fuchsia pink and bright green(I am not great with colour names so if I have got them wrong-go ahead and correct me!) were the colours of the day and right from the tent to the chairs to the cushions were all draped in these colours. Though these are super bright colours and you could go quite wrong with them, they were in just right the doses and on that bright wintery morning, nothing would’ve looked better! I loved how they used the marigold flowers – very unusual and it was the first time I have seen them being used like this.

Can you spot the bride getting her mehendi done? She moved to the main tent area to be closer to the rest of the party.

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May 12, 2011

Thursday Thoughts:The Balancing Act

With every passing day, I am more and more convinced that having someone help you organise/structure your wedding is a MUST! Saves you from graying early in life (especially right before your wedding!) and imagine how cool it is just to tell someone what you want your wedding to look like but not actually doing all the mad organising yourself? Yes please,I would be very happy if you would design and install my wedding for me. Interesting choice of words these are- wedding designers and installers, don’t you think? But that is what Badhaiyan says they do for you -they design and install your wedding. Interestingly apt but very unusual. I like! 

A couple (of many) months ago Kanika contacted us and said she would love to be a part of our Thursday Thought section and we of course were equally in love with the idea- so here it is- her first guest post on Thursday Thoughts. Hope she keeps coming back and telling us how to design and install weddings to make them a time to remember!

The Balancing Act

Performed by ‘Badhaiyan

A balanced life- work life , eating a balanced diet, balancing steps as we walk and above all balancing relationships to live with love, interdependence, peace and harmony.

Isn’t life all about balance?


This ‘B’ word really seems to be preceding all other letters and is taking over to become the first letter of the alphabet of life.  As we grow and evolve, we leave one phase of our lives behind to enter a new one.  And one day we hit the phase that marks a significant era in our lives. The single identity that we are suddenly merges with multiple others as a few hours of pious chants over a havan kund, a holy book or other symbols of faith come to resounding close. Suddenly it’s bells ringing within the soul and outside.  Yes! The peal of wedding bells prevails forever in our hearts and The ‘BIG B’ rules forever in our lives from this moment on.

Before this happy moment, before the vigor, color and festivities spread over a minimum of three days, however comes in a lot of activity, preparation, and yes, you have it-a lot of imbalance. Imbalance of mind, hearts, thought processes, generation gaps, multiple individuals with different tastes- you name it!


The bride wants it “grand” and the father says “budget mein rakho”(stay in the budget), the disparity between parents and the bride and groom in the definition and intensity of “close relatives & friends” for the final guest list. Till the day of the wedding, there exists a never ending quarrel between the mum and daughter on her little girls overall look; lehenga from chandni chowk vs. one from a couture designer? Sarees from Ram Chandra Kishan Chandra or from Ushnakmal? The newer generation wants to glamorize the sangeet with bollywood stars while the buas, taee ji, masis and the grand mothers want to put  their best foot forth and give a traditional tadka to the ‘ladies sangeet’.  The ‘Youngsters party’ of course is unnecessary show – sha baazi and a NO-NO for the elders of the house.  The  mammoth debates over caterers, menus , beverage lists and  alcohol or no alcohol on the main wedding day function remains far from sorted for a long time.  Mayhem in the family but deep within, each one only has one common goal.  Age and varied exposures form layers of aspirations. However, at the core, everyone in the family wants the entire wedding ensemble to be elucidating great values and one that is beautiful at all levels.

Once the bride and groom have agreed as have the parents and the date is set, the ‘Badhaiyaan’ wedding designing team treads in to do ‘The balancing Act’. From being sounding boards to the bride and grooms parents, counselors and best buddies to the couple getting married and a punching bag for the relatives, the  ‘Badhaiyaan’  clan becomes an integral part of the extremely emotional journey with the family.  From setting the tone of the big day with ‘please block your calendar ‘ requests to closing in on the invitation cards, wedding favors , themes and finally until the couple steps into their stylized ‘JUST MARRIED’ vehicle of  a new beginning, our craft & creativity makes the most important bandhan of your life easy, stress free, enjoyable, economical and extremely memorable!


Looking for someone to make the wedding a fun, talked – about event, call Neha on +9899903415 or Kanika on +9899137109 or email us on & we’ll be there for you !

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