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September 26, 2013

The Wedding Present Dilemma!

Your best friend is getting married. You need to think of a present. Something meaningful. Something unusual. Something no one  has ever thought of before! Possibly one of the hardest things to do. I don’t know about you guys, but buying birthday presents for friends is something I find to be very challenging. If I am going to give a present, it should mean something otherwise what’s the point? You can just imagine what happens when it’s time to decide on a wedding present! Many of my friends never got one (sorry guys! now you know why!) -I just never found the right thing.

There is loads of inspiration out there -like on Pinterest that should make life easier! Alas, we all are quite familiar with Pinterest fails  so unless we know for sure that we can do it- we are too scared to try it!

Some people are easy to buy presents for because they are certain kind of people, there is no need to second guess what they may/may not like.

They may be hipsters.



They might be coffee loving Via



They may be Breaking Bad kinda people.BBVia

Or the kinds who love all things pretty.heartsVia 

The ‘vintage’ people.TW1



They could just be regular people .


towelsSource unknown (If you know where this photo is from, let me know!)

In the end though, you just want some really really special to give! Last year, The Unreal Bride worked on a special present for one of our cousins wedding. The project was to make a cookbook with the family’s favourite recipes accompanied by some beautiful food photos. We have worked with food before and it’s fun but we really didn’t fathom the enormity of this project. Somehow though, we managed and the book looked fabulous. This post is an introduction to the wedding present project of the year – expect lots of food photos and maybe some recipes if you want! To give you an idea of what I am talking about- this photo shoot we did for Ketchup Bags  was around the time we were shooting for the cookbook!



What is the most creative present you have ever given anyone? Tell us! We would love to know!

June 23, 2011

Thursday Purseday: Geometrically So…

So what if I am out enjoying the Masai Mara? Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some nice bags to look at! Love the geometric patterns on this bag!


Want to see more bags? Go here!!!

{Magnolia Rouge}  {Brancoprata} {Postcards & Pretties} {Niche White}

June 10, 2011

Friday Find : Coasting Along!

You know what every new homeowner needs but often neglects to buy? Coasters! Be the most thoughtful guest at any event – take these retro cool coasters with you as a present!

Monchichi Suite  on Etsy

These adorable vintage record coasters are handmade and can be stacked up on the mini wooden record player for storage!

*Found on Friday*

June 3, 2011

Friday Find : Fan-cy

Summer is upon us!! And who doesn’t need a fan in this crazy heat?! I would suggest you buy this 1950’s foldaway fan for your handbag –

Hi Vintage on Etsy

or as a present for the bride – this is perfect for a beachy honeymoon!

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May 20, 2011

Friday Find : Lock it!

There’s something so very romantic about a locket – without fail, it always makes one think of love, and isn’t that a great thing to think about?! It’s sad to see that lockets are increasingly rare now a days. I have one, very similar to this one actually, that has a picture of my grandfather in it – undoubtedly my most favourite person in the world! Go ahead and spread some love – wear a locket!

Oh, and also find teeny tiny pictures of people to go in it!

Freshy Fig via Etsy

I actually read a short story once (a very long time ago) in which, a girl who had no choice but to walk home late at night kept some pepper in her locket to blow in the faces of potential attackers. So you see? It can double as a weapon too! Erm, not sure if it works though – fiction is fiction after all!

When I prowl Etsy to bring you Friday Finds – I usually pretend I’m looking for presents for a Bride-to-be, or that ‘I’ am actually the bride and am looking for bridesmaids presents or a present for my soon to be husband, even in-laws! Ha! I’m just saying I try to keep it all wedding related – in some way.

Thats all for today folks! Don’t forget to come back for Sunday Wishlist – I promise this one is swoon worthy.

**Found on Friday**

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