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September 7, 2011

{Favourite Bride} Suneet and her sisters …. 

This is going to be one happy Wedding Wednesday on the blog today! I couldn’t be happier sharing our favourite bride-Suneet this month! You are going to overdose on fabulousness in this post-because not only do we have the bride to show off but her sister’s as well.

The best part of this post is not how beautiful the bride is, or how special these girls are, OR the fun they had at this wedding but it’s how all these outfits have been created by the bride and her twin sister. They have their own design company- SP Square (which has been out of action for a few months but will be re-starting again and hopefully you will find out more about it here on the blog!). I love how they aren’t scared of using (and wearing) bright and bold colours. How I wish I had photographed this wedding !

Photography by Roshan Studios

GOOD NEWS!! SP SQUARE IS UP AND RUNNING NOW. Go to their website or call them at +91 78373 06966 !

*Favourite Bride*

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