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September 26, 2013

The Wedding Present Dilemma!

Your best friend is getting married. You need to think of a present. Something meaningful. Something unusual. Something no one  has ever thought of before! Possibly one of the hardest things to do. I don’t know about you guys, but buying birthday presents for friends is something I find to be very challenging. If I am going to give a present, it should mean something otherwise what’s the point? You can just imagine what happens when it’s time to decide on a wedding present! Many of my friends never got one (sorry guys! now you know why!) -I just never found the right thing.

There is loads of inspiration out there -like on Pinterest that should make life easier! Alas, we all are quite familiar with Pinterest fails  so unless we know for sure that we can do it- we are too scared to try it!

Some people are easy to buy presents for because they are certain kind of people, there is no need to second guess what they may/may not like.

They may be hipsters.



They might be coffee loving Via



They may be Breaking Bad kinda people.BBVia

Or the kinds who love all things pretty.heartsVia 

The ‘vintage’ people.TW1



They could just be regular people .


towelsSource unknown (If you know where this photo is from, let me know!)

In the end though, you just want some really really special to give! Last year, The Unreal Bride worked on a special present for one of our cousins wedding. The project was to make a cookbook with the family’s favourite recipes accompanied by some beautiful food photos. We have worked with food before and it’s fun but we really didn’t fathom the enormity of this project. Somehow though, we managed and the book looked fabulous. This post is an introduction to the wedding present project of the year – expect lots of food photos and maybe some recipes if you want! To give you an idea of what I am talking about- this photo shoot we did for Ketchup Bags  was around the time we were shooting for the cookbook!



What is the most creative present you have ever given anyone? Tell us! We would love to know!

August 13, 2012

Who won Ketchup’s 1st birthday giveaway??

I have to do that irritating thing where before announcing the  winner, there is either a commercial break or a long speech! Most of you are going to skip over this bit to see who won but once you’ve checked and come back to re-read-I just wanted to say how AWESOME all the entries were. I wish everyone could win something but alas, life is cruel! Thank you for participating and showing so much love not only to us but to Ketchup as well! We all truly appreciate it and I doubt this is the last you are going to hear of Ketchup and The Unreal Bride teaming up together! We absolutely adore Ketchup and can’t wait to work with them again! Thank you Ketchup for letting us preview your new and fabulous collection!

Now to more important things.

The winner of the giveaway is ……………………..VIVANI !!!!

Congratulations Vivani 🙂 Here is what you won-a wonderful neon accessory from Ketchup-I suggest you better buy a bag to go with it 😉




We used Random Picker to pick a winner -you can click here to get to know it better!

August 6, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Ketchup!!! {and a Giveaway!!!}

Hello Readers!

Everyone familiar with the blog won’t need to be introduced to Ketchup. For the uninitiated, Ketchup Bags is a brand that makes some of the cutest bags we’ve seen and to celebrate their first birthday they let us (and in turn, you) have a little sneak peek of their new collection. Remember the fab photo shoot we did with their last collection-The Monsoon Bride??

While brainstorming for the project, we felt like every possible way to photograph a bag had already been done and since ketchup falls in the food product category (Ketchup the sauce, get it?! ) , we thought why not take pictures of the bags alongside some yummy for the tummies! And the best part of this sneak peek is that its a giveawayyyy!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!!

First, you must take a look at these neon beauties and have yourself a bit of a drool –

Now that you have seen for yourself how delicious the new collection we’re sure you want to win something ketchup-y. In order to do so – heres what you have to do

1. Leave us a comment in our comment section below telling us what you love most about Ketchups new collection

2. Go to the Ketchup page on facebook here and Like it – also leave a message on their wall saying The Unreal Bride sent you there – in case you already like their page on facebook.

3. Tweet – Another fantastic giveaway by @ketchupbags on The @unrealbride . I’m going to win! 

The competition is open till Monday the 13th of August and one lucky winner will be randomly selected and will win an accessory from Ketchups new collection. Multiple tweets are welcome but will not imcrease your chances of winning!!

p.s. : A big thank you to Ketchup for extending their birthday month (which was July! ) for us and our readers so that we could be a part of the celebration as well! Good luck!!!!

November 8, 2011

The Toy Hotel & The Unreal Bride

If you asked me what wedding season looked like for us , I would say it begins around end of  September and runs through till the second week of March. It’s a rough estimation made by the number of invites we get for weddings during that period of time and of course now, work that comes our way in those months. Needless to say, we go through some slow months which is fine by us because that’s when it gets pretty hot! So, what do we do in non-wedding season? We blog, a lot more than we blog now as you can see- wedding season is in full swing at the mo! Apart from blogging, we have been lucky to get some pretty cool assignments which aren’t wedding related but do require a stylist and photographer to work together!

One of these cool assignments was brought to our attention thanks to our friends over at HDegree. They are kind of crazy and cool at the same time so we get along really well!! We have worked with these boys before on an ad campaign but I never got down to blogging about it – I have a hundred excuses why and maybe one day I will blog about it but for now, lets focus on this shoot.

The assignment at hand was to shoot the interiors of a brand new hotel called the Toy Hotel that has opened up in the city -a ‘fashion’ hotel. The people behind this cool, unique hotel aren’t complete strangers on our blog- we have featured them twice- once for their wedding card and once as our favourite bride! We were meant to work with them 🙂

The day of the shoot was fun (and tiring) but the strangest thing was when April came to pick me up- we were wearing the same shirt! Our unreal uniform! It isn’t the first time this has happened. We thought we would stick out like sore thumbs -total geeks for wearing the same thing but no one really noticed. Boys,I tell ya!!

Our to-do list was long but somehow we managed to set up the conference room, the banquet hall, the Indian restaurant, and take food shots all in one day!I have to admit that my favourite part of the day were the food shots because after photographing it, we ate it all up! How professional, right? Well- we were really hungry and the food was beyond delicious.

Photographed & Styled by The Unreal Bride

So, what did you think of our diversion from photographing brides and other wedding-y things ? Though, this isn’t really off the topic of weddings because the lovely couple behind the Toy Hotel had a few of their wedding functions here and it is actually an ideal place to have a sangeet or a mehendi lunch !! At the end of the day- anything can be wedding related, right?

Thanks to Paul and Harkirat for including us in this project. You can find them  on twitter -as Hdegree , Cockybox and HarkiratBrara– it’s where we all became friends (viva la twitter !) even though we were kind of in the same college. Kind of.

Head over to the Toy Hotels facebook page to find out more about them and next time you are in Chandigarh -make sure you go and eat some of their yummy food! You can also see the rest of the photos from the shoot that day since we couldn’t possibly post them all here!

We hope to be more regular with our blogging now- with  regular doses of tuesday shoesday and thursday purseday as well. *fingers crossed* We also have a whole lot of fun posts waiting to be published,which we won’t keep from you any longer- so see you guys around!

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