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April 24, 2012

The {Un}Real Diaries : Where to begin?

Like with many things in my life, I have been procrastinating with starting this series of blog posts.What series? The series where we talk about my wedding. Gosh! That sounds strange to write! Mostly because  even though I am happy to share details of the wedding-there are a few things I wonder about like-how much do I want to share? How much is over sharing? How do I decide what to write about and what not to write about? Uff! Its all too complicated. So, in keeping up with tradition and my typical behaviour- I am going to start a*% backwards and then fill in the gaps as we go. Maybe you guys can help make a list for me of what to discuss and what not to discuss.  SO much easier when someone tells you what to do, right? Not really but you get what I mean!

So to start this series of with a real BANG, I am showing you the trailer of our wedding video. I don’t know if it’s right to flip out over your own video so much,but in the enthusiasm of the videographer who made this video-I can say it is pretty fricking AWESOME!Which also brings me to the videographer? Who is he?Who are they? He/They (because sometimes he works on his own and sometimes he doesn’t) is one of my oldest friends who has always been really creative but only picked up a camera a couple of years ago. He started off with photography but decided it wasn’t his thing even though he was really good at it. He decided he LOVES shooting videos and loves editing them even more. And he is good. I’m not just saying it because he is such a good friend but because quite simply-he is brilliant (I can see his head swelling up already feeling all cool and all). His name is Rahul Datta but he is happier being called a Starving Artist. Go to his facebook page here- Starving Artist Videos and make sure you ‘like’ his page. At the moment, he is busy being the official videographer for Kings XI (the cricket team just in case you didn’t know that) and I am trying to convince him this season he needs to do more wedding videos. Don’t you agree? Other people who helped in shooting the video were Maya Singh  and Vir Nakai. I am just glad my 5D Mkii came back intact after the mad wedding party!

Side note- I have posted many a time my love for The Wedding Filmer’s work here and if it weren’t for Starving Artist Videos– I’d have opted them for sure. Oh, the challenges of being surrounded by so many amazingly talented people!

Now, to the video-


Shot and Edited by : Starving Artist Videos

Wasn’t that just awesome? I have watched the video so many times, its ridiculous. Each time I discover something new, something different. I can’t wait for the longer version (are you listening, Rahul?).Some other people you might spot and recognise in the video are – Vir, Maya, April, Carmen, Ingo, Steffen and of course Rahul.

Now, that we have kicked off this series, what should the next post be about?

January 5, 2012

Photo Booth : The Vanity Fair

Remember that crazy month where we were running pillar to post organising/designing photo booths? You don’t? Well, we do because it was crazaaay! We set up this Hawaiian photo booth in Ludhiana , rushed home at 3 am to be back in time to set up this photo booth at the Vanity Fair! We managed to have almost everything in order. Almost. We didn’t do the most important thing- like print our catalogues, or our cards or make our photo albums for people to see what we do and how we work. Yes, lesson learnt the hard way. That said and done, we had two days of madness and boy! did people love the photo booth!! We are grateful to everyone who came (over and over again) and made the PhotoBooth a huge success.

A quick note on the Vanity Fair before we jump to the photos-Vanity Fair is like a garden market (only it’s HUGE) that happens twice a year in Chandigarh in a place called Whispering Willows. Everyone who lives in or around Chandigarh knows Whispering Willows- hundreds of people have had their weddings there -in fact, that is where my brother got married and we had our engagement party! It never fails to be the best venue ,have the best food and best service.The lady behind the Vanity Fair is Priya Grewal- she has been organising the fair for many years now and is an expert at it. Everything runs flawlessly and the 5000 + (or is it 10000+?)visitors to the two day fair enjoy shopping and eating and just hanging out! You can find pretty much anything under the sun at The Vanity Fair from wedding stuff, clothes for kids, home decor, beauty products, music, beer, food and even a photo booth! We are so grateful to Priya for offering us a spot this year to set up our Photo Booth. It was a blast!


Even though it was October and the weather should’ve been pleasant, it was HOT HOT HOT!

We had a spot by the pool and just pretended we were by a beach – tanning!

At our engagement party, we had this bright pink scooter that we used as a prop- that inspired us to paint this bicycle blue-isn’t it adorable?

Looks like fun , huh? It was! Can’t wait till the next Vanity Fair- I have a feeling we will be there again ! 🙂

March 16, 2011

Photo Of The Week 

Photo via Bonnie Tsang

February 12, 2011

Valentine’s Playlist

This post is proof that good things and ideas DO happen over coffee!!!!!

Not going to waste your time by jibber-jabbering so just push play, and listen to this specially created Valentine’s Day Playlist for The Unreal Bride! Thanks Dj Panda (it’s better than DJ Loooove!) !!

Image via Not So Routine

*Spreading the Valentine’s Love*

January 13, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: Musical sheets

Isn’t there something about sheet music that’s just so pretty and fascinating?! I don’t understand it and don’t know to read it but  still wouldn’t mind staring at it for hours and hours!  The language of music!

{Side note: I dream of covering an entire wall in my room with sheet music but first I need to find some and I don’t know where to go (anyone with contacts for sheet music-let me know!! ) !}

Today is Thursday Thoughts day and we have to admit since the new year, things have been pretty slow at the office- don’t know whether it’s the weather or it’s still being in beach holiday mode, but we have been moving at a snails pace! Same thing with todays Thursday Thoughts -not like we didn’t have time to write, but we utilised it in making some yummy broccoli soup instead! Got to keep the insides warm!

So, with my cup of hot (and pretty delish soup if I can say so myself!) , I was going through the daily news in Twitter land and came across this silhouette and sheet music paddle DIY project on The Knotty Bride’s blog .


It gave me the inspiration I was looking for! Here are some fun ideas of what to do with sheet music !!

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