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September 20, 2013

Princess Mits gets ready.

The problem with an early morning wedding is that it’s early. *yawn* Getting ready takes a LOT of time and effort so you have to get it done right! Watching the most talented make up artist Amanender and his wife Kapila do their magic on the most beautiful bride was totally worth it. Loads of lovely light streaming in through the windows, pots of coffee and a few PJs (poor jokes) really made the morning memorable. Oh, and the fact that Anandita (aka Princess Mits) was getting married!!! 

So, here you go-some of the photos from that morning.2013-09-10_0001 AA_0051AA_0042 AA_0043 AA_0044 AA_0046 AA_0052 AA_0053 AA_0055 AA_0054 AA_0059 AA_0060 AA_0061 AA_0062AA_0045 AA_0063 AA_0056 AA_0064 AA_0066 AA_0067 AA_0068 AA_0069 AA_0071 AA_0072 AA_0073AA_0047 AA_0075 AA_0076 AA_0077 AA_0078 AA_0079 AA_0080 AA_0081 AA_0082 AA_0083 AA_0084 AA_0086 AA_0070All photos are copyright of Kismet Jewell Nakai © 2013 so please no stealing or using without permission. Thanks!


September 9, 2010

Heir She Is!!

I think it’s safe to say that everyone out there, at some point or the other, has looked at photographs of their grandmothers and wondered – how simple, yet gorgeous they are.

No heavy-duty makeup, no saris that weigh 600 kgs – just them in their natural Photoshop free beauty.

That’s how we felt when we were looking through ancient albums the other day. The thought struck us that perhaps people would like to have a pre wedding, bridal photo session wearing heirloom pieces that have been in the family for decades. So, we decided to put together a shoot and replicate that magic.

Princess Mits was the perfect and needless to say, beautiful guinea pig for our vintage inspired faux bridal shoot.

Getting the outfit together was the least of our worries as we both have closets bursting at the seams with yards and yards of ancient heirloom French chiffons and Indian silks the likes of which you would be hard pressed to find in today’s mass- manufactured world.

We finalized upon a yellow-printed chiffon sari which belonged to Kismets grandma and paired it with Princess Mits’ own lace bodysuit.

The green lizard skin ankle strap sandals are by Manolo Blahnik and are very vintage looking even though they are from a 2006-07 collection (if I’m not mistaken).The emerald, diamond and pearl jewellery is all from my mothers wedding trousseau.

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