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June 27, 2011

Real Wedding N&A Part II

I wasn’t meant to make you wait so long for the second part of this real wedding , but things got pretty hectic and before I knew it, I was in the middle of Kenya with no internet access. It was brilliant to be disconnected from phones and the internet but after a while, it got a bit suffocating. I just wanted to quickly check my mail, or tweet for a minute .Anything!! I just needed my internet fix! So here I am, back from the beautiful wilderness and the first thing I am doing is posting part two of N&A’s wedding. Much much delayed but I know you guys will love it!

I don’t think I mentioned it earlier but this wedding was in Delhi, which is torturously hot during the summer but in the winter, it is absolutely lovely. The days are almost always bright and sunny – perfect for a wedding out in the open. The brilliant blue skies and bright sunny days are synonymous with weddings- every one takes advantage of the weather!

The engagement ceremony and mehendi happened on the same day which meant primarily two things- one, the bride changed from one gorgeous outfit to another and two, I took billions of photos! It was hard choosing just a few to share with you but I did the best I could though I wish I could show you all!

Like always, words don’t say as much as the photographs do so let’s take a look at some of the engagement photographs.

Navdeep, the gorgeous bride, waited patiently for the groom to arrive ,she had been ready since 7 am! !Who says that it’s the women who take longer to get dressed??!

No wedding is quite the same without the bride’s friends by her side making sure she’s doing alright (and isn’t going hungry) during all the madness.

After the engagement ceremony, the bride disappeared only to reappear wearing yet another gorgeous outfit- probably my favourite out of the two! Both the outfits were by designer Mallika Mathur who doesn’t seem to have a website but you can read a little about her here.

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