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September 19, 2013

The Princess finds her Prince!

Man! Nothing like a cheesy title to catch your attention, is there?  There was no other way to put it really. Princess Mits found her Prince in Shining Armour! While I managed to photograph a bit of it, our favourite Starving Artist made a video! I have said it before and I say it again-very few  people in India make the cut for originality and absolute brilliance in video making. Starving Artist Videos is one and the other is….any guesses….. duh! The Wedding Filmer ofcourse. I hold back from featuring each and every video by these guys but if I could , I would. I just saw the last post I wrote about S.A.V and I am just repeating myself over and over. Apologies. I am getting old! and I LOVE THEM.

Since this seems to be the week to feature this wedding, I thought it only appropriate to have this beautiful video on the blog as well!


Video by Starving Artist Videos. See more work by them on Vimeo and find them on Facebook!

December 30, 2011

Farewell 2011, Hello 2012!!

Everyone is saying it and we are feeling it too- where in the world did this year go?


April 5, 2011

Clever Little Soles : A Tuesday Shoesday Special {Giveaway Alert!}


We’re wondering how to fit everything into this one blog post – its not only our 100th post (yay!) , its also Tuesday Shoesday and we want to write about these fabulous girls who have brought Butterfly Twists to India!

Lets take it step by step.

First, our 100th post – how and when did this happen?? We totally didn’t see this coming and now that its happened; we’re sending out virtual hugs and flying kisses to all of you wonderful people who have kept us going! Seriously, at some points, we thought we were just rambling on about shoes and ideas but obviously its making an impact on at least some of you, if not all. What started out as a project focussing only on our Unreal Photography has become a full time blogging job!

We must celebrate this momentous occasion and what better way than to have you all be a part of it?? Which brings us to part two and three of this post.

Meet the girls over at Project No.3 – Fashion retailers and distributors in India – who have had the good sense and clairvoyance to have brought some much needed relief to our pained and blistered – yet fashion forward feet in the form of Butterfly Twists! Have you heard of them?

Patented- foldable shoe , lightweight & ultra comfortable they can twist and fold down small enough to fit in a handbag. Designed to be portable, compact & on – trend,these new shoes compliment any outfit.

They’re all the rage all over the world and quite deserve to be since they are so very handy. These super light foldable ballet slippers are compact enough to slip into the sleekest clutches and even your dates jacket pocket!

There are so many reasons to have not one but several pairs of these shoes handy – especially for all you brides to be – for mad shopping sprees, rehearsal dances and dinners, visits to the spa, in between breaking in those new shoes which I wrote about here and finally to dance till the sun comes up at your wedding! Oh and you should definitely get some for your bridesmaids who will be running around while you dance 😉

Even if you’re not walking down the aisle or around the sacred fire anytime soon – these pretty, twisty ballerinas are perfect for walking back home from work, grocery shopping, mall walking and basically just lounging around the house.

NOW, drumroll please, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – actually, the moment we’ve been waiting for – we’re announcing our very first giveaway on the blog to commemorate our 100th post!!

Clever souls (pun intended) Apeksha and Kartika of Project No. 3 are giving away a free pair of Butterfly Twists to one of you lucky readers!

To enter is quite simple- all you have to do is-

  • Like‘ the Unreal Bride on facebook.
  • Tweet about this giveaway *I just entered a giveaway on the @unrealbride blog – who doesn’t want to win a pair of shoes?! * Tweet as many times as you want!!
  • If you aren’t on Twitter, tag us on Facebook {@theunrealbride} using the same line as above ^)
  • Last of all, leave us a comment here telling us you have tweeted and/or facebooked about the giveaway!

Closing date for the give-away is the 12th  of April, the next #tuesdayshoesday. Winner will be randomly picked .

If only we could participate in this giveaway, we totally would but since we can’t- Good Luck to all you lucky bums who can!

For more information about Butterfly Twists, you can get in touch here-

Project No.3
Tel: 09871146759 / 09899997688

P.S. It IS still Tuesday Shoesday in case you got distracted by our teeny weeny post so go check out these lovely blogs to see what their pick of the week is –

{Magnolia Rouge}  {Brancoprata} {Postcards & Pretties} {Niche White}

April 3, 2011

Come Dance With Us! (or play cricket!)

Feeling mad love for India right now – we won the Cricket World Cup after twenty eight years last night and the entire country erupted in joy! We are passionate people and always do whatever we do with a whole lot of love (also very modest!)! Couldn’t resist spreading a bit of that love here !

Credits : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5



** Well done, Team India! Do the blue man dance! **

February 15, 2011

{ Real Wedding } Sam & Richie: Part II

I know I promised you the next post in just a couple of hours yesterday, but time just zipped past and before I knew it- it was the next day! Am not going to make any more excuses because I suck at it so let’s just go straight into checking out the photographs of the wedding ceremony.

We posted pictures of when we hung out with the bride before the wedding ceremony yesterday – in case you missed it -you can check them out here. It was a really special Valentine’s day post and you all were a super audience- we broke all view records yesterday! We also got featured by lovely Naomi on her blog-Enchanted Dream Weddings which made us feel extra cool!

You can be sure to see a lot of colour at any Indian wedding but more often than not, the colours can make  you wish you had some blinders on to shield you from all the bling and gaudiness! Not this wedding, though. The soft pink tones make you feel like you are in a dream of some sort- the bride and groom blending so perfectly- him with his cream achkan and her with a beautiful pink salwar kameez (which we were happy to note wasn’t 50 kgs heavy !). The guests seemed to have had the same idea (collective unconsciousness,perhaps?) and just added to the gorgeousness !How cool are the splashes of blue and yellow amongst the crowd-and the sea of turbans!

I especially loved that the wedding was at home , in the backyard- so old school !!

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