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March 1, 2011

Tuesday Shoesday: Hello Yellow!

Via Lovely Little Details


Perfect spring colour ,are they not?Can’t seem to get enough of them Loubies!

Don’t forget to check out these blogs- they always pick awesome shoes!

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March 1, 2011

Made Me Look !!

Sometimes I wonder which (blogging) world I am living in! How have I missed these awesome Madeulook girls? I just spent the last hour going through their blog and they take some  fantabulous photos! I am inspired/in awe/jealous/in love/and many other things-you get the point right? Super – duper! I wanna be them kinda deal!

The one kind of photo that struck me out of most of the wedding photographs were the ring shots. You got to have the perfect ring shot ,that’s for sure, but if it’s just bleh-there is no point of having it at all. Ring shots we have seen many of and I have found all my favourites on this one blog- how amazing is that! I had to refrain from posting each one I saw to just a few of my fave. If you want to see more you will have to head over here -trust me,it’s totally worth it!

SOOOO? What did you think? I was right, right? AMAZING ring shots aren’t they??? Which one did you absolutely love? I think the last one is probably number one for me at the moment- but who knows what I will feel tomorrow?

Thought you all might be curious about who the MadeULook girls are so I am adding this sketch of them for you which I found on their blog ! Keep doing what you are doing, girls!



{ Made U Look Photography blog and website }

February 24, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: Chair Dress-up!

I’m easily distracted.An example- I was busy editing some photographs and suddenly decided I want to write a post on chair ‘dresses’ . While looking for those, I thought of the ‘thrones’ bride and groom sit on after they are married here in India! That led to me being annoyed  because it bugs the heck out of me when I think of the couple sitting high up on a platform on these not-so-pretty chairs .Am I being judgmental? Perhaps! but it’s the truth! Say NO to ugly throne type chairs at your wedding! That was me getting distracted because this is not what the post is about! Ugly throne type chairs will get a post of their own some day,but not today. Today is about pretty chairs.

I saw these gorgeous chairs and thought to myself, why do we restrict ourselves in the way we dress up our chairs?

Via My Wedding Concierge

The most typical thing to do is cover the entire chair and tie a sash around it (usually a red one). It may not look SO bad, but it’s boring! We have seen enough of it and want something different!

Via Not So Routine

After a bit of searching , I found there are only a gazillion things you can do to the chairs to make them pretty! I particularly liked these with the big fabric flowers on the back for the bride and groom (see! You can do so much better than ugly thrones for the couple!! ). Also, the chairs are so simple , yet so elegant!

Via Trisha Dean

Via Michaels

Via Elizabeth Anne Designs

If you left it up to me though- I would totally go with the mismatched look! Love the combination of all kinds of chairs! I would throw in a couple of cool couches too.

Via Hitched Salon

Via Kayla Aimee


*Fresh Ideas Every Thursday!*


February 15, 2011

{ Real Wedding } Sam & Richie: Part II

I know I promised you the next post in just a couple of hours yesterday, but time just zipped past and before I knew it- it was the next day! Am not going to make any more excuses because I suck at it so let’s just go straight into checking out the photographs of the wedding ceremony.

We posted pictures of when we hung out with the bride before the wedding ceremony yesterday – in case you missed it -you can check them out here. It was a really special Valentine’s day post and you all were a super audience- we broke all view records yesterday! We also got featured by lovely Naomi on her blog-Enchanted Dream Weddings which made us feel extra cool!

You can be sure to see a lot of colour at any Indian wedding but more often than not, the colours can make  you wish you had some blinders on to shield you from all the bling and gaudiness! Not this wedding, though. The soft pink tones make you feel like you are in a dream of some sort- the bride and groom blending so perfectly- him with his cream achkan and her with a beautiful pink salwar kameez (which we were happy to note wasn’t 50 kgs heavy !). The guests seemed to have had the same idea (collective unconsciousness,perhaps?) and just added to the gorgeousness !How cool are the splashes of blue and yellow amongst the crowd-and the sea of turbans!

I especially loved that the wedding was at home , in the backyard- so old school !!

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February 14, 2011

{Real Wedding} : Sam & Richie – Part One

Happy is what we are to post this wedding today!Absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day!

This wedding is special for so many reasons. For one, it is our first REAL wedding being featured here on The Unreal Bride *hoot hoot*. Then, it’s a wedding close to home- we have grown up together- it was pretty surreal Sam was getting married- imagine photographing it! There are a hundred other reasons why it was so special- the bride being absolutely fabulous, looking so gorgeous and  radiant. She was raring to go and get married- the wait was killing her not because she was nervous but because she could NOT wait any longer! Oh, the love!

Before the actual wedding ceremony, we spent some time with Sam and her friends –

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for  any consequences due to the bride’s infectious smile and spunk.

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