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June 22, 2015

Friday Find : Mogra 

Just the other day after I read Anushree Gavas’ post on a brand called Mogra, I did what all stalkers do. I went straight to Mogra’s Instagram profile , Facebook page and spent the better part of an hour stalking  admiring their clothes . As if she had sensed me, we got an email from Sheena -the founder of the label,a few days later. Made me wonder if I had left a cyber crumb trail and that I wasn’t the discreet stalker I thought I was!

Sheena sent us photos of their latest collection Wildflowers , a capsule collection of lehengas which are perfect for this season especially if someone you know is getting married in this heat . Apart from that, I think they are pretty wearable for any occasion and look so comfortable (I want one!).

Here is a note from Sheena about Mogra :

Mogra is a travel + crafts label that believes in easy style for the global woman. Over the past year, we have aimed at bringing the world closer to Indian textiles in a way that’s relatable to women around the globe. In our effort to do this, we work only with traditional handmade, handcrafted and locally sourced fabrics that originated in or are indigenous to India.
When I started Mogra, I marketed mostly to women living outside the country – both Indians and non-Indians who had in some way lost touch with their textile heritage. But, I slowly realized that women, like me, living in the country not only appreciated these beautiful fabrics and traditions but were also looking for ways to incorporate them into their daily lives.
That’s when we noticed that the women who were shopping for our dresses, had few places to go for festive wear that fit their contemporary lifestyle and love for crafts. WILDFLOWERS is simply a capsule collection of easy to wear, breezy lehengas that can be worn by a modern bride on her mehndi/sangeet or by her guests at the wedding. They are great to take from season to season without the fear of never being able to repeat it.
Each lehenga is made to measure and crafted from pure cotton that has been hand block printed in Bagru Village, Rajasthan. They come with a matching blouse detailed with our signature handmade potli buttons and an underskirt for added volume. 

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Price Range: Rs. 15,000 – 18,000 10

July 9, 2012

The {Un}Real Diaries : The Venue..a photographic journey.

Not many posts coming from us these days, are there? Sorry about that. I wish I could churn out at least 3 posts a week, but it gets hard ! I need to find my blogging mojo again! Just keep at it, I guess! We get so many awesome inquiries every week asking to be featured on our blog or wanting to feature us somewhere and I keep thinking about how lazy we’ve been and do we deserve all this love and attention? Going to try and live up to all this love!

On this next chapter of the {Un}Real Diaries, I am going to walk you through how we chose our venue. It was easy since we had to only find one venue. You would think it would’ve been easy to find since we only had one venue. But of course it wasn’t. Half the joy of planning your wedding is making it harder then it should be. Really. It is. Makes thing way more interesting.

Back to the hunt for the venue. Ofcourse, we started off very ambitiously with planning a destination/get out of town wedding. Many reasons for that but the main one being that only the people who wanted to be there would make it. That didn’t work out. We decided we could spend all the money we wanted to spend on having a wedding out of town on a nice car or two, or three. Seriously, our aim was to have a fun wedding and not get bankrupt! So we scrapped that plan and came back to Chandigarh to find the perfect venue. It was hard but we found it.

Here are some photos taken on the iPhone, the blackberry, a little  point and shoot to help you understand the days spent venue-hunting.

The Unknowing Bride and Groom to be who decided to take this task upon themselves.

We headed off to Rajasthan in search of the perfect destination.

We searched the desserts of Rajasthan and when we found that nothing really suited us, we headed back to the homeland.

The ‘destination’.

If only we could turn back time.

We soon realised time is running out. We needed to find something soon.

We searched all over Punjab , looking for the luscious green fields .

“This field can’t be used for a private funtion.” *sigh*

Finally, one evening. We found our spot.

After many days of running all over the country side, we found THE place. A farm that belonged to my Dad’s friend who very kindly ‘lent’ us his farm (seriously, who does that!? Awesome!) for the wedding. I wish I could say that was it. We had found our place and we could move on to other things. Uh uh. No. This piece of land was barren. We would need to cultivate it and become full time farmers if we wanted to have the wedding here!

The next few weeks meant we would be ploughing the land, flattening the land. planting, watering, keeping the wilderness out-peacocks and deer, making sure our grass was growing and talk to the flowers every day.

Here are the Mother’s doing their bit for the farm.

Everyone did their bit! We even had the mums in the field with mud in their toes and up to their noses planting flowers and things. You can see me working really hard as well. Ahem Ahem.

Many ‘maalis’ came to our rescue!

Would the grass ever grow?

Many-a family meetings took place. Will the flowers grow? Will the grass grow ? Will people fall in the ditches in the field? Who is watering the field? How much time left?

Finally there were signs that things would grow, we would have our field of flowers after all! Here is the mustard in full bloom that we had planted on the periphery of the farm.

Everyone got their filmi , bollywood moment in the mustard fields 🙂

And here is one photo that is FULL ON Bollywood!

All the photos above this have been taken by me (Kismet ) and some by mum, brother and maybe other people.

Are you all wondering what the place like looked like ON the day since I have gone and on about finding the perfect venue and all that? Well, it looked fabulous obviously! My super amazing sister-in-law who is a pro at setting up things (seriously she is a professional ,like Bollywood pro!) took it upon her to stand in the sun for two days straight setting up the place. She did such a phenomenal job for which we are forever grateful.

Here are some photos for you to see I wasn’t joking!

These ^ photos are via our fabulous photographers Carmen & Ingo  who you shall hear all about in the next post perhaps!

Many more photos coming your way!!

Before this post becomes as long as Rapunzel’s hair, here are a few tips for those of you looking for a wedding venue-

  • Unless you want to spend pots of money, don’t do a destination wedding. If you want to , send me an invite.
  • Be focussed.
  • Don’t be scared to dream.
  • A little grass is better than no grass!
  • With a little imagination, some creativity- the things you can do are endless!
  • Wherever you chose to get married, enjoy yourself.

Till next time!


August 15, 2011

Happy Independence Day, India !

Today is the day we walk around with our chests puffed up and feeling oh! so proud that we are an independent country ,progressing slowly and steadily to the day when we will overtake everyone else! Just you wait, Mr Higgins, just you wait!  (I like quoting My Fair Lady so don’t judge alright!)

I started my search on Pinterest as usual, for a nice image to use for a post and then I realised I have the PERFECT image for Independence Day. It is everything India is- colourful, beautiful, and happy! Oh! and not to mention, the colours are perfect- saffron, white and green which are the colours of our flag!

Taken in the Jodhpur district, in Rajasthan by moi! You like?

You are mistaken if you thought I would neglect Pinterest.It found me the MOST amazing map of India. You can understand India’s diversity through many things- languages, climate, flora, fauna and all that but most importantly, you can understand how diverse it is through our FOOD! This map is perfect and am even more stoked it mentions Chandigarh for butter chicken and tandoori chicken! YEAH!! Just another reason why India is beyond fabulous.

Via (Click on the image to see it full size!)

Happy Birthday, India! Fools are the ones who don’t understand how cool you are! We love ya!

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