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January 24, 2012

Tuesday Shoesday: Pinkies

Via Pinterest

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January 3, 2012

Tuesday Shoesday: Black Beauties

Gorgeous.Gorgeous. Gorgeous. On every count. I want the horse, the boots, the bag and yeah ok even the gloves.

Photo by Ditte Isager via Pinterest 

Check out Ditte’s website- absolutely beautiful photography!

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November 15, 2011

Tuesday Shoesdays: Boots are Back!!

It’s boot season again- bring ’em out! Or in my case- I got to find the perfect pair!



Good luck in finding the perfect pair ! And wow! its been ages since I did a Tuesday Shoesday!

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October 19, 2011

Good Ideas by Maya

The festive season is in full swing now with Diwali about a week away and the endless number of weddings and other festivals like Dussehra , Karvachauth punctuating the days. This time of year in India is like Christmas in other parts of the world- everything is decked up with lights ,the shops are open till late, and there are endless parties to attend! It’s fun but my favourite part of this time of year aren’t the festivals but the weather! The temperature dips,and we can prepare ourselves for our short (and severe) winter season. Yup, cannot wait to eat those lunches out in the garden while soaking in the sun.

We have a  special Diwali post up today. Maya has been on our blog a long long time ago so we are happy to have her here again. As I had mentioned in this previous post, Maya is über talented and creative. Her photographs are brilliant and I love her Good Ideas!

Here is a short note from Maya-

I love receiving and sending letters  –  the handwriting and the stamps on the envelopes and finding the right smooth, thick, crunchy pen –  all of that good stuff. And I think theres something about old fashioned notecards and stationery that online greetings just can’t replace. And when they’re hand-made, you know theres a little bit of the artist in every card. I love the idea of spending time over every design and every piece i make, as opposed to buying the mass-produced cards available in the shops. I’ve been making stationery and cards for about a year now, and this year I thought I’d do something festive for diwali.
So, this diwali send out these exclusive handmade cards.

Each card is uniquely fashioned with a diya design made with different prints, and a lovely festive border. sold individually and in packs of 2, and 5 with envelopes.

I agree with Maya completely, there is nothing that compares to a hand-written note -online cards just seem so disposable! How do you save a card you get online? Print it? What’s the fun in that!

All photos taken by Maya Singh

If you want to get in touch with Maya to buy her hand made Diwali cards, you can send her an email at or just write to us at and we will put you in touch with her. 

We are super busy and if we don’t get to post before Diwali (though I hope to)- have a happy and safe Diwali. Take it easy on the firecrackers though-think of the poor dogs!xx

September 20, 2011

Tuesday Shoesday: Bow-tiful!

Did I scare you into thinking that maybe I was going to say good-bye to Shoesday and Purseday forever? How could I even if I wanted to? You all made me feel special with all the love. So this shoe is for all of you bow-tiful people.

Giuseppe Zanotti Via

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