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September 16, 2014

Stylin’ Part Three : Gautam Kalra 

We wrapped up our stay at The Treasury of Trousseau with a fun chat with Gautam Kalra, the third and final stylist we interviewed at the event. Gautam started out with an advertising agency from where he moved on to open a conceptual fine dining restaurant cum store called Grasshopper. He has been the official stylist for Wills Fashion Week for four years and has worked with the top fashion designers and photographers of the country – creating unforgettable campaigns and photo shoots over the years.

Rohit-Bal-Gautam-Kalra With Rohit Bal. via

A&K – Do you feel like the brides you’ve met at this event are very specific about what they want? 

 GK-  It’s been mixed, I’ve met two brides who knew exactly what they wanted. On the other hand, I don’t know if it’s like a play on the stylists psyche or what it is, but they definitely know what they ‘don’t’ want.
For example, styling my friend would be easy, but, these are people I don’t personally know! I definitely feel like it helps to really spend time with people and try to understand them so that you can figure out what they ‘do’ want.
I’ve also had cases where the whole family has come in and been really overpowering and influential in the decision making process so, it’s not always up to the bride to choose what she’d like to wear. I’ve also met people who have no clue what they want – sometimes, from a stylists perspective, those kind of clients are the most fun. I sit with them, ask them questions – which is the only way, really, to figure out what will be the best fit for them 
 A&K – What is your styling process? 
GK- I’ve been to all the stores and taken photographs of a lot of key pieces and divided it up into lists like traditional, modern etc. So, as I ask questions and  begin to get a feel of what kind of look a person is after, then it’s easier to match them with an outfit because honestly, there’s so much out there and a lot of factors influence the decision to eventually buy the outfit. Factors like, price point, of course, and the name, the versatility of the garment, the location of the event, day event or night, season – all these come into play. Of course, I have my own personal style. However, I have to be very careful not to impose that on someone else and really try to find out what the person is all about. 
Sometimes, the reputation of the designer can be a hindrance in a way. People see a Tarun Tahiliani or Manish Arora store, and they are scared to walk in because they expect exorbitant price points! Actually, they’ll be surprised to know that a lot of famous designers have pieces which are very affordable. It might not be the lehenga you’ll wear to your wedding but you could definitely find quality pieces for your trousseau. In fact, a lot of the previous seasons outfits are now marked down to sixty or seventy thousand which isn’t bad at all. 
 A&K – Have a majority of brides been coming to you for assistance with all the wedding events or just the wedding? 
GK- Well, some people have come for just the engagement, or just the wedding. You see, selecting clothes is not only a very big decision, it’s also very tiring. After two or three hours of looking at clothes, you’re experiencing sensory overload, we’re all tired – so it’s best to spread the shopping out over a couple of days in order to keep your mind fresh and make the best decisions. Thats why we have a lot of brides coming back on day four and day five. 
At the beginning of the meeting, we decide exactly which event we are planning for – for example, for a sangeet, people are very open to the idea of something unconventional like a piece from Manish Arora, but for the actual wedding they tend to stick to more traditional styles. 
 A&K – What do you feel is the most common mistake that you see Indian brides making?
GK- Thats easy – christmas cake; it’s just way too much. I mean, I understand it’s your special day and you want to stand out but sometimes, simplicity is the most elegant option. Our mothers wore Kanjeevaram and Banarasi sarees and minimal jewellery and I think they looked fabulous! 
I think that’s why a lot of people like Sabyasachi because he’s understated and slowly this sensibility is catching on. 
When I meet brides I tell them, I know you’ll want to wear a lehenga for the wedding but if that is heavy, perhaps the blouse and dupatta, hair and make up can be a bit more toned down. That way one can maintain a balance and not look over the top. A simple trick is to divide your body in half, if your lehenga is heavily embellished, and you are definitely going to wear heavy jewellery, then let those things balance each other out and go easy on the veil and blouse. 
Minimal make up is a much better alternative to caking layers and layers of matching glittery elements on to your face. 
A&K – What do you think is the strongest influence on Indian brides? 
GK- Definitely Bollywood, whether you like it or not. And now that Bollywood is becoming less flashy and more elegant, that effect is trickling down to brides and the masses in general as well. If you look at pictures of actresses of the 90’s and look at the ones at present there is a marked difference in style and that’s a really good thing. 
A&K – Do you think people hire stylists for their weddings on a regular basis?
GK- There is a really big market for that actually, but, also, everyone is a stylist nowadays. I’ve heard of a lot of wedding planners who also offer styling services. However, I don’t think that’s a very effective approach. For example, at fashion shows, we all have our roles cut out. If I am not a choreographer, I’m not going to interfere with the choreography – it’s just not my job! 
Similarly, the hair and make up artists, the set designer, the models all have their own roles and we’ll all talk to each other so that we can put on a good show but, if we fight amongst ourselves it will be visible in the final production – everything has to be in sync right down to the music. I don’t know how wedding planners work – whether they make stylists a part of their package or whether people actually think of hiring stylists but, they should. From what I’ve heard, the wedding planners are the ones taking the couples shopping and suggesting designers and that’s all very well but every designer will want you to wear his or her creation whereas a stylist will give you an unbiased opinion on what suits you and the occasion. 
A&K – What are the essential things every bride should include in their trousseau which they might neglect to think of?
GK- The time period that I’m talking of, where these things will be of use, is right after the wedding – the endless parties and dinners. A really comfortable pair of gold or copper shoes because they go with everything – maybe not stilettos, but wedges instead, because they are more comfortable.
The same applies to a nice clutch which is gold or nude. 
Every woman should have one beautiful traditional saree, a Kanjeevaram, a Banarasi or even a Bengali cotton and some contrasting elegant blouses to go with them because one can’t always be in an ornate lehenga.
As far as jewellery is concerned, a nice pair of uncut diamond earrings, jhumkis or baalis, no coloured stones, just one beautiful piece which can match everything.
A&K – How do you think grooms can make their outfits more interesting?
GK – The kind of clothes grooms usually pick, with a lot of gold zardozi work and embellishment – I’d suggest they go with a nice pintucked sherwani instead, which they can use even after the wedding is over. Maybe play around with the colour of the churidaar? Perhaps a pink or turquoise churidaar and contrasting scarf. The material and the texture of it, in my opinion, should be given weightage over embellishment. So many menswear designers are doing nice sherwanis which are elegant and classy – there are a lot of options out there. 
A&K – Do you think the bride and groom should match each other or offset each other?
GK – I wouldn’t suggest matching outfits but yes, one or two elements in the grooms accessories that match the bride make for a pretty picture. 
A&K – Are you for or against the new concept of the bride matching the decor?
GK – Against! She shouldn’t blend into the decor, she should stand out. If your decor is maroon and you are also wearing maroon you’ll be invisible! 
A&K – What is the thing that you feel is missing from the modern brides’ wedding trousseau which was present in generations past?
GK – Tradition. When it comes to Indian wear, nothing like raiding your moms closet. If you look at style icons of the past,for example, like Waheeda Rahman or Meena Kumaari,  you’ll notice a certain balance there which is missing in todays generation. 
Whether you look at their hair and make up or jewellery – they had it all right – it was much cleaner. Somewhere along the line, in came swarovski and killed everything. It’s everywhere and it really needs to be toned down. 
A&K – Why do you think wedding lehengas are so heavy?
GK – I think the minute the work on the lehenga goes beyond gota and zardozi, once pearls and beads and crystals come into play – that’s when the piece becomes really heavy with the weight of embellishment. A lot of people are starting to think more practically and don’t want to be weighed down and designers are responding to it. Most designers now offer light as well as heavy lehengas as far as the weight is concerned, and even the light lehengas look very rich. 
It’s probably the brides who usually want heavy lehengas because they want more and more of everything or maybe they feel like they’re not getting their moneys worth. I’m not sure what it is but, I think that trend is changing with time. 
So there you have it folks! Advice, tips and tricks from the best in the field! I think we can safely deduce from all these conversations that less is sometimes, much much more. Happy wedding season planning! 
September 21, 2013

The Wedding  A&A

I didn’t take many photos at the wedding- I had lehenga arranging duties , okay!!!! I thought I should split the posts up anyway -Getting Ready and The Wedding. Just for fun ! You will finally see the groom-they really do get neglected ,don’t they? It was SUCH a fun wedding and I was sorry when it ended though I did sleep for like three days after. Here’s to good friends getting married to the loves of their lives and living happily ever after!

AA_0085 AA_0088 AA_0087 AA_0089 AA_0090 AA_0091 AA_0092 AA_0093 AA_0094 AA_0095 AA_0097 AA_0096 AA_0098 AA_0100 AA_0104 AA_0099 AA_0102 AA_0101 AA_0103AA_0050 AA_0105 AA_0106 AA_0109 AA_0107 AA_0108 AA_0110AA_0048 AA_0049

All photos are copyright of Kismet Jewell Nakai © 2013 so please no stealing or using without permission. Thanks!

March 22, 2013


For all of those looking out for new posts from us- WE ARE STILL HERE. A combination of work, travel, life and maybe a wee bit of laziness as well has kept us out of the blogging business for a while. We won’t lie- there were moments of ‘Let’s wrap up the Unreal Bride.’ , but we never really did anything about it because clearly we didn’t want to wrap it up! Plans of re-designing the blog, making it more original, fun, different have been floating around for a while and we hope that this time-we will manage to do what we plan to/dream of!


So, where have we been ?? What have we been doing? What are the legit excuses for us being AWOL??

For starters, April has made her way to the big bad (but loveable) city of Delhi to find a full time job-a ‘cool kind of job’. She will always be The Unreal Bride’s stylist but sometimes, you just got to go out there and do some exploring for yourself!  If anyone has any leads for an opening in a fun PR job -let us know and we will be forever grateful. Side note here: I (Kismet) have been nagging April to do what she is innately good at (i.e makeup/styling) as a full time job because I mean, she is bloody brilliant at it and shouldn’t let it go to waste? Remember the Make Up story in the {Un}Real Diaries? Yeah. Exactly.


As for me? I have been busy photographing weddings, trying to get my (personal photography) website up and running and even though there are so many wonderful people out there trying to help me-it just isn’t happening! How can something so simple be so complicated?Don’t get me started on that-I might cry!! I wish I could speak HTML!

I DID get my own facebook page up and running- so go have a looksie -that would be nice! Here is the link- Kismet Jewell Nakai {Photography}



I also attended a couple of great workshops at Gulf Photo Plus this year- David Hobby aka the Strobist’s was totally awesome! Here is a picture of me trying to steal his awesome camera (FujiFilm x100S). I was nice enough and gave it back to him.


Don’t go thinking that the Unreal Bride hasn’t been out there doing some fun things together- like taking some beautiful photos while the weather was beautiful.



 Also attended a ‘few’ weddings-


All photos have been taken with our trusty i-phones. Please don’t use any without our permission.

So yeah, that is what we have been up to. Fair enough to say we have been pretty busy! Now for some exciting news! We have a project this April. A wedding project.For once, someone understands the PURPOSE of the Unreal Bride! Ooooh! It’s going to be so fun. We shall tell you about it soon.Got to make you wait for something now, don’t we??

March 31, 2011

Thursday Thoughts : Glass slipper? No thanks!

When it comes to shoes, Im the kind of person who usually throws caution to the wind and tends to ignore words like practical and wearability. However, even though we all love  pretty footwear, on certain occasions we have to take practicality into account. Your wedding is exactly that occasion!

At times I feel as if brides pick their wedding footwear last of all and dont pay much attention to it all. Clearly, this is not the way to go. First and foremost, take a look at the shoes you already own and pick out the styles which are most comfortable. The results can be quite surprising! If someone were to ask me that question I would automatically say my shoes with wedge heels or broader shorter heels would be most comfortable but the shoes I actually wear most often and for what I call ‘long haul events’ like nights out dancing (and weddings!) are a humble, much worn, much loved gold patent leather pair of Jimmy Choos. Upon closer examination, these dont fit the bill of the typical ‘comfy’ high heel (yes, such a thing does infact exist!).

Via A Women and Her Shoes

If you notice, the heel isn’t what you would call mid range but they aren’t staggeringly high like most of my other shoes. The clever design ensures that no strappy parts of the shoe cut you while the upper strap gives you enough support to walk (or run – yes I’ve had to do that once or twice), dance, jump and basically do whatever it is that you need to do!

Wedges tend to be a little dicey – its very easy to lose your balance and twist your ankle! Also, most wedges have narrow peep toe cut outs which can hurt your toes after a while of walking around. Secondly, who wears wedges to their own wedding?? Please dont.

Via Karen Wise Via Style Me Pretty

Now, this is a style that works for me, but everyone is different so do take your time and examine shoes in various styles and lots of stores to find the perfect one for you. Make sure the leather is soft so that you dont cut yourself and that the arch of your foot is well supported so you dont get what I can only describe as ‘swimming pool crazy painful cramp‘ – I’m sure theres a real medical term for it out there!!

If you are having an Indian ceremony at your wedding, theres a large chance you will have to remove your shoes for the wedding and then put them back on again. The taking off part is all very well but immediately after; you don’t want to be struggling (wriggling?!) into a complicated strappy design while hanging off of the arm of your husband of two minutes and messing up your outfit and jewellery in the process. Hence, a slip on style could be your best bet.

Via Cohn Frankel Photography

Once you’ve found your perfect pair, take them to the designer who’s making your outfit and make sure your lehenga is the appropriate length – both, with your shoes on and off – in the event that you switch to more comfy dancing flats afterwards, you dont want an extra 3 inches of your lehenga trailing behind you and tripping you up as well! Speaking of comfy flats we have a special treat in store for you for our 100th blog post (which is just a few posts away!).

Via Project Wedding

Alrightey then!  You’ve got your shoes, got your lehenga length adjusted and also sent us a thank you note for all this great advice – now please don’t pack those beauties away till the big day. I would suggest you wear them every single day for at least half an hour and walk around. Wear them at home so you don’t get them dirty! By the time your wedding comes around your shoes will be broken in and ready for meeting greeting, sitting standing, dancing, walking – EVERYTHING! OH the joyyy!!!

Via Stephanie Williams Photography



March 10, 2011

Thursday Purseday : Take a ride with me

Via Streetfsn

So many great statements in one photograph! I love the fiery orange helmet, the casually tossed magazine and the colour tones which are a throwback to the 70’s on an otherwise structured bag!

Do check out the purse picks from our friends at these lovely spots on the worldwide web!

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