Thursday thoughts :Musical Roses {D.I.Y}

I think I have finally crossed the line- from blogging just for fun to taking blogging very very seriously. How did I come to this conclusion? Simple- I now dream about writing posts , ideas for posts and the stats graph. I actually dreamt I wrote the post and was unable to publish it (not enough control over my subconscious mind) and it was SO frustrating! That’s why the first thing I am doing this morning is writing this post. No time to waste.

Right. So Valentine’s is nearly here- just a few days to go and we realised we haven’t done anything Valentines-y . It’s probably because, like Christmas, we are aware of it every year but it just comes and goes so quickly ! It’s a trend that is catching up in India for sure,and seeing all the action on the other blogs-it’s hard not to notice! From today onwards, till the 14th , we will be posting something Valentines related so make sure you keep checking. OH! And on Valentines day- we have something extra special. A hint : you saw them here earlier on the blog, now you will finally see their wedding day!

I have really diverted (this didn’t happen in my dream btw) so let me get back on track! Today we have a cute DIY (Do-It-Yourself for all those who don’t know what DIY is .You know who you are! *tch tch* ) project from Gaby of the awesome Cap Classique blog. Her blog focuses on weddings in South Africa and you can read all about her here.I saw this in the Cap Classique newsletter a month or so ago, and I immediately sent her a message saying we MUST feature it on our blog ignoring the fact that she was away on holiday and making her think of work (sorry!!). In the meantime, we wrote a Thursday Thought on sheet music prettiness- a growing love for it ,if you ask me!

It was a pleasant surprise to see an email from Gaby with photos of how to make the sheet music roses with photos and full instructions. Thank you for remembering us despite it all!

Not going to make you all wait any longer- here’s Gaby…..


Make it yourself: Sheet Music Roses

Our feature on sheet music was a major hit, and I’m not surprised – it makes such an adorable detail! My favourite find (and yours apparently) was this paper rose boutonniere, so I thought I’d explore how to go about DIYing these paper roses. I loved them so much that they’ve been incorporated into my lounge decor!

What you’ll need:
Sheet music (buy the real thing or download some for free from the internet)
Florist’s tape or similar
A toothpick
Hot glue gun & scissors


1. Cut out a series of heart and petal shapes from the sheet music paper (you’ll need to experiment to find the exact shape you want).
2. Roll one of these horizontally around a toothpick – this will form the centre of your rose.
3. Roll the tips of the petals around the toothpick and then tease this out so the curl isn’t as tight.
4. Use the toothpick to create a fold in the petals.
5. Wind florist’s tape around the wire and then begin to attach petals one by one to the ‘stem’. Hot glue is best for this, but tape or paper glue can also work well.
6. Keep going until you’re happy with your rose. You may need to play around a bit to get the knack of it!

Check out Cap Classique’s blog, on facebook and on Twitter.

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10 Responses to “Thursday thoughts :Musical Roses {D.I.Y}”

  1. Will definitely be considering this for our vow renewal next year!

  2. Oh I do love you two…you and Cap Classique are my far away sweeties!! xo

  3. This is awesome! Wow. Thanks for sharing/teaching. 🙂


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