Thursday Thoughts: Photo Booth

The first time I came across a photo booth, or Smile Booth as they call it- was here on The Flash Dance website. It was instant love for me, right from the photography to the music they have on their website especially the playlists which you can download if you want!! But before I deviate (because it’s so easy to get lost in their awesome website)- let’s go back to what we are here for!

So what is this photo-booth business? A good explanation can be seen in the F.A.Q section on the Smilebooth website here.

These photographs are from the Smilebooth section from The Flash Dance.

Basically, it’s a mini studio set up at your wedding where guests can go and take their own photographs and go crazy doing their own thing . It’s a totally different angle to what the photographer who is covering the wedding will get! So, at the end of the wedding – there will be a whole bunch of fun pictures that you wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s a space where your guests aren’t conscious of being watched and can get as creative or crazy as they want. All they have to do is click on the remote button and take as many photos as their heart desires!

These three photos are from Our Labor Of Love’s blog.

The coolest part about a photo booth is that there are endless possibilities of what you can do with it- from the backdrop which could be indoors or outdoors to the hundreds of different kind of props you could use.

This photograph is featured in a French Garden Wedding from Ruffled.

It’s not like in Indian weddings, we don’t have our own version of a Photobooth but it’s usually only for the bride and groom and immediate family where they (are forced to) get some super posey pictures taken right after the wedding! What we are saying is- how cool would it be to have that open to all the guests so they could go in whenever and take their own pictures? It would be VERY cool! Oh! and imagine the kind of photographs you would have from the night of the sangeet! Some very bribe-able ones, I’m sure !

Photograph by Heather Kincaid via  The Wedding Chicks.

We were so inspired by this fabulous idea, that we tried it out at my very own engagement party!! It was a 70’s themed party so we got a backdrop printed specifically for the purpose , thanks to my great sister-in-law who can make any wish come true as far as set design goes! We thought we would share some of our own photographs from our own home made photo booth here as well! How could we not?

Thanks to Tejee Studios for being so cool and accomodating as always! They always know what we need and take the perfect photographs!

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  1. Loved the photobooth concept


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